About us

Life-enhancing luxury

Hi, we’re SONA and we leverage technology to enhance any space you call home. We advise, design, install and provide ongoing support and maintenance for luxury integrated technology. From inspirational lighting, to emotive audio video and spectacular home cinema all seamlessly connected through simple and intuitive controls to enhance your lifestyle.

The SONA difference

In today’s modern world technology is inescapable, it has become a necessary part of everyday life and has the powerful ability to invigorate and excite us. It helps our homes feel more secure, more glamorous, and connects us to the rest of the world.

At SONA it’s our belief that technology is a unique tool, providing both function and enrichment to people’s lives.

This is nowhere more apparent than in luxury spaces which rely on the practical side of technology for their everyday use, and yet also rely on technology to provide the additional touch of glamour or indulgence that lift them to another level and very often define them.

In these luxury spaces - the difference is in the experience which elevates and enhances all the design details, enhancing the lives of our clients.

Driven by perfection

Technology can however become overpowering, and if not properly designed and implemented it can easily create additional stress and frustration when it doesn’t operate as expected.

We pride ourselves in understanding and being considerate of how people will interact with our systems, what their specific requirements are - and identifying ways in which we can use technology to genuinely enhance their experience - we never specify or install equipment or technology without firstly deciding if it actually adds value to the space or the user, and we never recommend something just for the sake of it.

We do this by understanding what life in any space you or your family call home looks like, and what your aspirations for the space are, creating completely unique systems that are truly designed for you and your environment.

Our Process

With a combined team experience of almost a century, and an extensive portfolio of almost 100 projects, we’ve developed and refined a five step process that provides a seamless journey, from our very first meeting with you, through to ongoing support and maintenance of all our systems.

Our initial meetings and discussions inform and inspire you on what’s possible and we begin to understand you, your family and your aspirations for the places you call home.
We present our ideas for how we believe technology could enhance those spaces. Imaginatively, concisely and with clear costs.
When you are happy with the imagine stage, we commence on a detailed design process which includes all the drawings, documentation and planning required to deliver your project.
As each stage of the system is approved, it’s handed to our projects team to manage through to completion, ensuring you feel informed and in control at all times.
We believe the most important element of any home technology system is the ongoing service and support you receive, and it's an integral part of our entire approach.

Our Team

Meet the key members of our team who combine almost a century of experience to design, deliver and support bespoke technology solutions that bring your luxury spaces to life.

Simon Fulstow

Founder & Managing Director

Nicola Fulstow

Creative Director

Alastair Barber

Projects Director

Andy Hill

Design & Procurement

Naralie Smith

Support Coordinator

Dan Newton


Awards & Recognition

In an industry with no accreditation or technical requirements to do business, SONA hold the highest accreditation available from the industry’s only governing body.
The CEDIA Member of Excellence program recognises those at the very peak of the industry, not based on business size or model - but purely quality and dedication.

Across more than 3000 member companies, SONA are currently only one of 16 to hold the status worldwide.

In addition to this accreditation we’re exceptionally proud to be one of the most highly awarded and commended and shortlisted companies in the EMEA region in the CEDIA Awards scheme - where entries are technically and blindly judged by our peers and industry experts.

Northern Design Awards Best Smart Home
CEDIA Awards Highly Commended Best Documentation EMEA
CEDIA Awards Winner Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Highly Commended Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA Awards Winner Integrated Home Global
CEDIA Awards Winner Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Lighting
CEDIA Awards Winner Life Lived Best at Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Documentation
CEDIA Awards Winner Technology Meets Design
International Design & Architecture Awards Home Cinema
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Home Cinema
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Dressed Rack
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Integrated Home
CEDIA Awards Winner Best Dressed Rack
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