Outdoor & Garden

Nature by its very essence, feels good. We are designed as humans to want to spend time in it. SONA have the wealth of experience and expertise to create a design that complements the light, sounds, scents, visuals and feelings of nature without overpowering the delicate balance of the space.

Outdoor living

The outdoors has very much become the ultimate leisure and entertaining space because a beautiful view of nature makes everyone feel alive and well.

Gardens are now outdoor living spaces that are a place to unwind, try out a new recipe in the outdoor kitchen, enjoy a glass of wine with friends, watch a sports match over the bbq, or even host modest or lavish celebrations.

From outdoor cinemas, landscape lighting, garden speakers SONA can design an outdoor space that will inspire you.

An additional room

Luxury living in the modern world see gardens and outdoor spaces considered as natural extensions of internal spaces, with an expectation of the same conveniences and features.

Ensuring that you stay reliably and securely connected whether you're inside or outside is the first step in understanding how we can enhance your time outdoors and allow you to transition seamlessly.

Make the most of every space

Lighting that illuminates every corner of your outdoor space, provides enhancement and a natural layer of security, and makes exterior areas more useable and more flexible - your imagination is the only limit, whether that’s subtle highlighting of feature planting or vibrant colour.

Access music and entertainment with no limits and incredible performance - all discretely or invisibly hidden within the natural or architectural elements.

Smart gardens

Spaces such as winter gardens, rooms that open directly to the outside, and dedicated outdoor living and entertainment areas, come with many practical considerations such as acoustics, control of natural and artificial lighting and the management of temperature.

We treat these spaces exactly the same as we do any other, developing an clear understanding of how you want to use them and suggesting solutions that provide both practical functionality and features that make life more simple.

Mother nature

When it comes to considerations for light, audio and video, and automations that provide enhancement for outdoor cooking, dining, relaxing or the best party of the year, technology outside requires a subtle approach - it must be harmonious and organic, whilst being able to compete with and endure nature itself.

Alongside practical benefits and luxuries, we design all our systems to respond to their environment. Whether that's lighting that automatically fades on as the sun dips over the horizon, water features that automatically activate as you arrive or when you're entertaining, or your intercom seamlessly routing calls to your mobile when you're not at home.

Creating a sanctuary

Research conducted of nearly 8000 people by the University of Exeter and the RHS, published in 'Landscape and Urban Planning', found that people who spend time in the garden are much more likely to experience good health and have a greater sense of wellbeing.

Let SONA help your outdoor space be the very best extension of your home, and the most powerful influence on your wellbeing it can be.