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The Is Have It

Evocative contemporary architecture sets the tone for this luxurious, Mediterranean inspired property. The calming, neutral and timeless palette of the interior, designed by the team from Design by UBER, is punctuated by lavish detail, statement pieces and the ultimate in modern technology.

Working with a large space and high expectations, we were able to transform the property into a 21st Century haven. A perfect utopia of relaxation, entertainment spaces, health, wellness, and productivity.

Best of the best

Winner of no less than 6 individual awards at the 2020 CEDIA Awards, this show-stopping home was essentially crowned as the 'best integrated home in the world' in 2020.

Alongside the global accolade, the project also won:

  • Life Lived Best at Home EMEA
  • Best Integrated Home EMEA
  • Best Lighting EMEA
  • Best Dressed Rack EMEA
  • Best Documentation EMEA

We're immensely proud of this unmatched achievement, which shows the strength of our approach across every aspect of a project.

An exceptional system,
both in terms of scope and execution.
This entire project is amazing.
CEDIA technical judging panel

A modern day utopia

Illuminated dancing fountains, column detailing, feature coffers and clean architectural lines feature in every corner of the property, all illuminated by tuneable white or colour changing lighting to suit the mood of the homeowners at the touch of a button.

Meticulously planned and executed lighting provides accents of colour to the home that can be changed on a whim, but also punctuates the vast living spaces both inside and out - providing areas of detail and interest, whilst maintaining the flow of the home.

An exquisite aural experience

A pair of metallic gold statement Meridian loudspeakers sit proudly in the living area, just one element of a music system which delivers audio to every corner of this home.

These showcase, conversation starting speakers are the result of ground-breaking extreme engineering research at the cutting edge of innovation, delivering spine tingling immersive sound that envelopes the listener.

Effortless entertainment

Whilst the entertainment options in this property are extensive, virtually every element has been meticulously and sympathetically woven into the décor of each space.

Custom mirror frames conceal televisions in all of the bedrooms and reception areas, with sets fully integrated into full height mirror walls in the gym and pool so as remain completely invisible when not in use.

In the snug, a 75" display resides behind a bespoke distressed timber feature wall, revealing itself, and a full surround system at the touch of a button.

Working together

The individual systems in this home are impressive on their own - but they add true luxury and enjoyment when they work together to create incredibly powerful sequences that provide both practicality and glamour.

A good morning scene, activated by a single button press in the master suite sets the house to mimic the rising sun by transitioning lighting through crimsons, burnt oranges, yellows and white over a 20 minute period whilst curtains and blinds are automatically opened and the kitchen television switches on the morning news.

In the evening a good night scene imitates the setting sun, closes blinds and curtains, ensures that any audio video systems are turned off and all of the doors are closed securely.

The power of controlling natural light

The effortless and seamless glide of automated doors, blinds and curtains throughout the property add to the luxurious feel, and provide welcome privacy and relief from the large picture windows that feature in almost every room throughout the property.

Beyond the feeling of luxury these automated elements bring to the spaces, they also offer the real practicality of effortless control of large expanses of glass alongside a feeling of comfort and security in the evenings, allowing you the best of both worlds - real connection with the outdoors and incredible natural light, but with the ability to make every room a relaxing retreat.

Pièce de résistance

One of the only residential installations of its kind outside of London, the master suite features an artificial skylight by Coelux.

This stunning installation brings a cloudless, uninterrupted clear blue sky into the property, bathing the master sitting area with the Mediterranean sun whatever the weather, creating true shadows and shade and encouraging optimal vitality.

In the evening, the skylight can change to its night mode where details and contours of the moon are visible in an inky black sky, and silvery moonlight spills across the walls and floor.

Luxury leisure

Head downstairs to the leisure and spa space and you’ll find a stunning subterranean tron-like paradise where you can emerge feeling revitalised and restored or energised and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

Complete with gym, pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and glazed winter garden, the space is controlled by one simple colour scroll option. The intuitive lighting keypads trigger audio video systems, helping to control televisions and lighting remotely to enhance feelings of relaxations and restoration through music to suit your mood, or a relaxing place to catch up on your favourite show in the sunken seating area.

Whatever you need

From relaxing bliss in the master bedroom to a thumping nightclub atmosphere, SONA blended a number of life enhancing moments and possible occasions in to one fully integrated home. Non-intrusive, seamless life enhancing solutions, that happen automatically or which you set in motion through simple intuitive controls and that support the life of you and your family.

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