Private Cinema & Media

A bespoke private home cinema or media room can be the ultimate home luxury and is one of the few places where you can escape to another reality and become completely immersed.

What's possible... anything & everything

Walk into a SONA cinema room and it’s your chance to truly connect. With yourself, your family and the experience.

It commands your presence, is a feeling that will revive you and help you to appreciate the time you commit for yourself.

This is not putting on the TV for the sake of it - it's experiencing the atmosphere, drama and enjoyment of whatever you choose to watch in a way that's simply not possible from a personal device or standalone TV.

The room has not disappointed – it’s such a luxury to immerse ourselves in a film in such a way at home.
We would highly recommend anyone considering a media room to seriously consider a dedicated cinema and we could not recommend SONA more highly.
Private Client 'media makeover'

Only the best

People are finding it harder than ever to switch off; lines have blurred between home and work, between rest and productivity and people are often living in a hybrid state.

Whether it's within a dedicated space that's solely designed to recreate the best possible audio video experience, or within a room that's a multi-purpose space, the opportunity to truly switch off from the world and appreciate the luxury of being able to immerse yourself in another world shouldn't be underestimated.

As the creator intended

A SONA home cinema isn’t just a room – it’s a feeling that’s simply indescribable.

The ultimate addition when it comes to creating a place that will take your entertainment at home to the next level.

It’s an escape – a place of no distractions, no clutter, no interruptions. It’s designed not to give you something to do. It’s designed to make you feel alive!

Exceptional entertainment at home

The private cinema and media rooms featured below all feature visually stunning 4K ultra-high definition display or projection systems, immersive sound systems and intuitive controls that let you enjoy the system at the literal touch of a button.

Intelligent lighting and automated blackout curtains and blinds that quite literally transform the room sit seamlessly alongside luxurious and comfortable interiors.