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The spaces where you spend most time with friends, family, or simply in your own company can provide the most opportunity and potential to make your day feel more rewarding. Let SONA help your space enhance each moment of your day, removing everyday chores, or simply making the time you spend in them more enjoyable and luxurious.

Knowledge is power

Too often, technology at home is seen as a necessary evil with little or no practical effect, viewed as something that you feel you should do, rather than something that you want to because it can bring genuine enhancement to your life and time in any place you call home.

Together; let's change your understanding of technology at home and how it can support you.

It's in the detail

True luxury is found in the details that are less obvious.

That’s exactly what SONA deliver. It’s the gentle glide of the blinds rising and letting the morning sun flood across the kitchen as you enter, your favourite radio station or morning playlist filling the ground floor with discrete audio or even the subtle invitation of a warm hallway or lounge which sets a welcoming mood every evening.

All from a single button press or even without lifting a finger if that's your preference.

Just a quick note to say a great big thank you and congratulations - you've finally brought me out of the dark ages!
This morning I'm listening to radio stations that I never even knew existed.
Private Client 'Luxury Lodging'

What you want, where you want it

Making sure you're completely connected wherever you are in your home is just one element of our approach.

Access to the latest music, news or any content you desire shouldn't be limited to your personal device unless that's what you want.

Catch up on the latest news in the office, and sing along to Ed Sheeran in the kitchen, whilst the kids enjoy CBeebies in the family room.

Living the dream

You don’t build or create your dream home to live the same life somewhere else. You’re trying to create a feeling – a state of being. You’re designing, in essence, a better life.

We're all familiar with the amazing things technology can do - but at home, and in all the places you call home - ensuring that technology is carefully considered and curated to suit you, your family and each space is what SONA have excelled at for over a decade.

See for yourself

All of the homes featured below infuse discrete technology into their interior spaces, always there, ready to support, but never distracting from the designers intent...