Bedroom & Bathroom

Those spaces that you truly call your own. A sanctuary from the everyday and an opportunity to indulge and be at one with yourself.
SONA believe your bedroom and bathroom spaces should encourage the best version of yourself and as the very first and last spaces you spend time in each day provide the best opportunity to prepare yourself for rest and success.

Sympathetic technology

When starting on the journey of creating your dream home or space, for many technology can seem like a chore rather than an opportunity. Often decisions are made for the wrong reasons, and without the proper consideration, which can mean missing out on daily experiences and indulgences that can be transformative.

SONA leverage technology to create opportunities that the world’s most successful people use to set themselves up for the day, and prepare their environment to support and achieve proper relaxation and rest.

Indulge & transform

Imagine entering your bedroom suite in an evening and the automated curtains and blinds have already closed, the lights have transitioned to a low relaxing level and soft music is playing throughout your bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

An elegant, subtle fragrance you've curated yourself triggers memories of luxurious hotels from distant shores and this experience is created for you every evening without you even having to lift a finger.

These are the luxury moments that a SONA home can create.

The best possible start

In the morning, you're awoken - not by an alarm clock, but by natural light as the curtains and blinds gradually open over the course of an hour, invigorating citrus scents are diffused through the landing and leisure suite, and your morning workout playlist is queued ready for you in the gym.

That's the power of SONA, we work alongside you and with your home to enhance every moment, and every space.

Creating spaces to unwind in

Whilst effortless control of light, and the ability to create a relaxing sanctuary is the stuff of dreams - for others, reliable connectivity, access to entertainment and a feeling of security are just as important and an equal aspect of these spaces.

All of the spaces below feature combinations of audio video, lighting control, motorised window treatments, connectivity and more - all interwoven seamlessly into the interior.