North Wales

Get a Grip

Introduced to us through an existing partner, this grand home had a system that simply ticked boxes, and was a constant source of frustration for the family.

We listened to the homeowners frustrations and requirements to create a system that won the 2021 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home.

A new lease of life

An inviting rural family home, in a picture-perfect location, where luxury meets practicality on this working farm.

Home, really is where the quality of your life begins, and this particular project epitomises that.

The carefully curated and timeless property has recently experienced a new lease of life. While the interior hasn’t changed at all, the house feels completely different, as does the family living within.

SONA are definitely one of the best teams that we have ever worked with and we would not hesitate to recommend them wholeheartedly.


We were delighted to have the opportunity to restore not only the true potential of this home, but also renew this families trust and faith in our industry.

The existing technology system was the source of frequent stress and frustration. The clients needs hadn't been identified and the family didn't feel as if they had the reassurance of support if they needed it.

A faultless foundation

A key element of this project was a comprehensive data network that needed to cover the entire estate of 6 separate buildings, including the exterior spaces between them - providing connectivity for everything from the CCTV and security system, to PCs, audio video devices, client mobile devices and everything in-between.

Our team designed a completely new network which was pre-configured off site and then implemented with less than 10 minutes of down-time for the family, with new user interfaces that provide one touch operation in each room.

Working with SONA was a very easy and enjoyable experience.
Their vision was apparent from the very first meeting we had with Simon and they have certainly delivered a very user friendly and reliable system for us.

The simple life

Alongside a simplified and refreshed audio and video solution which upgraded all rooms to 4K video quality and provides access not only to satellite TV and all streaming services - the family can now actually enjoy spaces to their full potential - able to listen to and control music directly from their own favourite playlists on their phones throughout the house both internally and externally.

Our team were able to design a system that provided greater functionality and enhancement to the home, whilst increasing useability.


Sometimes it’s the little niggles and annoyances that become large drains on your energy. Now, with each space restored and uplifted with effortless technology and automation, the home feels as one with the family–a true feeling of cohesion supports wellbeing in the daily rhythms and routines of bustling family life.

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