Leisure & Wellness

Since ancient times, humans have been attracted to water for restorative and healing practices. Beyond just water - luxury pool, spa and wellness suites offer a supportive sanctuary in the comfort of your own home, where health can become a state of body and wellness a state of being.

Restore & heal

We spend so much time designing and perfecting our home spaces because we know, they have the power to strengthen, nourish and heal us, regardless of what's happening in the outside world.

Many luxury home builds these days plan for a dedicated luxury wellness or leisure suite, often including pools, saunas, gyms and spas.

Calming sounds, serene lighting and restorative practices come together to ground you in daily rituals that help you to live at your best and the addition of these experiential touches to already inspirational spaces elevates them from visually stunning to truly restorative places of transformation.

Practicality & Luxury

Our systems are just as capable of delivering the latest boxset or blockbuster to the gym or pool area as they are ensuring that your devices are always connected regardless of where you are.

If you simply want to let the natural light in and enjoy the morning sun and birdsong then all of our systems are designed to complement your interior perfectly and be completely discrete when required.

We approach every project with a subtle touch so that technology never takes over, and that every system remains completely intuitive to use and beautifully integrated into every space.

Whatever your tonic

Whether it's an uplifting and reinvigorating workout space, or a socialising and relaxation area, your home should be able to create whatever mood you desire or need at that moment.

We facilitate that mood by allowing any space to be whatever you want or need it to be - providing the exact light, sound, vision or connection that you need, or simply fading away into the background.

Creating a haven

Creating a powerful and supportive haven is at the essence of what we do at SONA, in partnership with other masters such as pool and spa designers, interiors experts and architects.