Award Winning Integrated Homes

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We are SONA, and we use technology to enhance the daily rhythms and rituals of your life at home for optimal wellbeing.  Luxury home automation is about creating special moments that allow you to connect with yourself and others, and easily disconnect from the world when you need that essential downtime.

Officially recognised as one of the top 14 luxury integrated home automation companies in the world.¬† SONA are proud to be a CEDIA Member of Excellence, which is the highest status a company can achieve from the industry’s only accrediting body.

We cover integrated homes, lighting, home cinemas, audio video and wellness. All bespoke solutions that enhance daily rituals and life at home.

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Simon and his team exceeded our already high expectations based on the recommendations we had for them. If you are looking for the highest levels of attention to detail, service and design, I would not hesitate to recommend SONA.