with Keeley Green Interior Design

Under the Radar

A hidden sanctuary

Hidden within the basement annex of our Religious Intent project, this private cinema space transports you to another world where you can escape the everyday with family and friends.

Another world

It feels so incredibly special, as you leave the main house, through perfectly lit grounds as the sun sets, with the gentle trickle of the water from the beautiful swimming pond.

As you walk towards the annexe building, you’re aware you’re about to enter a secret room that only you know is there, tucked away out of sight, but never out of mind.

A secret place

As you meander down the winding stairs, descending underground and past the wine cellar you are taken to a truly special place.

Walking in to this home cinema at the end of the day isn’t just an activity - it’s an occasion. It’s a deliberate act enabling you to switch off and unplug, and it feels exhilarating yet somehow calming at the same time.

The pinnacle of comfort, with large sprawling cream seating draped with cosy soft blankets, and punctuated with perfectly positioned lamps.

The cinema in particular is something that we are thrilled with, SONA and our interior designer collaborated to create something that is truly special – completely luxurious and either relaxing or adrenalin-pumping depending on your mood.

Traditionally contemporary

The room itself oozes old school glamour somehow, even though the design and furnishings are chic and contemporary.

Perhaps it’s the retro cinema posters on the panelled walls (that are actually customised speaker covers) that we designed and manufactured especially to provide the perfect finishing touches to Keeley Green’s beautiful interior concept.

Unexpected indulgence

The room screams sophistication, whilst at the same time is warm and welcoming. It’s futuristic, fully immersive, cutting edge viewing secretly hidden beneath a soul-restoring haven. There’s something about the unexpected nature of such a space within the grounds of such a traditional property that is both respectful to the roots of the property whilst providing an unexpected and secret twist in the plot.

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