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Shooting for the Stars

A remodel of this Georgian shooting lodge required a sympathetic approach to blending the latest technology and function - with an elegant and timeless interior from Lewis Knox Interiors

Never fail to plan

Part of a phased remodel of this property, we were asked to incorporate the function and luxury of technology to this home, with a light and discrete touch.

An added challenge for our design team was to ensure that everything we put in place was compatible with the schedule of three distinct phases of works, with time left in-between to allow the family to enjoy each new space.

With our works including high speed internet connectivity across the entire property, intuitive control of natural and artificial lighting, and providing access to satellite TV and streaming services throughout, our first task was to ensure a comprehensive infrastructure that would support all of the immediate needs, but also provide the ability to be expanded as the project progressed.

Beautifully lit

SONA believe that the quality of lighting at home can have a hugely positive (or negative) affect on a project and that the very best design and interior materials deserve the very best light.

As humans, our reference for lighting quality and colour is the natural daylight we experience, and we are innately drawn to this light for the most accurate illumination.

For this project we therefore choose lighting which most accurately represents natural light - in this case inspired by the natural light of Provence, where artists have flocked for centuries.

Let me entertain you

In the open plan kitchen, dining and family area, the client wanted the ability to fill the space with music from any source.

With the additional requirement for a television which would be the main viewing space in the property we recommended a solution that wouldn't overwhelm the interior, but that could still provide a memorable experience when sitting down to watch a sports match or the latest blockbuster with an almost invisible surround system.

Discrete in-ceiling speakers provide high quality, even audio throughout the space, combined with a Dolby Atmos soundbar and hidden subwoofer integrated into the bespoke cabinet and we even fitted additional, false grilles to ensure that the ceiling layout was balanced.

Hidden Delight

The beautiful formal living room which was part of the second phase of renovations features beautiful audio and video, blended seamlessly with the bespoke furniture and considered interior.

A completely bespoke, mirror television and high performance speakers built into the shelving provide access to music and video whilst sitting at complete ease in the space.

Looking forward

The completion of this project has provided the client and family with beautiful and functional spaces that have been completely transformed, both aesthetically and functionally.

These spaces feature practical technology to enhance the time all members of the family spend here.

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