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Lakeside Luxury

A Mediterranean inspired interior by Fiona Watkins Design featuring extensive use of natural materials such as wood, wrought iron, linens and ceramics results in this stylish modern home which features discrete and intuitive technology, blended seamlessly with the property.

Light every moment

The owners were drawn to this tranquil property due to its location overlooking a beautiful lake and natural light.

Large windows across the entire rear of the home allow beautiful light throughout the property, and the owners wanted to take full advantage of this.

As both natural and artificial light was such a key element it was essential to have seamless control so that spaces could always create the perfect mood.

Set every scene

Motorised blinds have been integrated into the ceilings in all of the entertaining and living spaces utilising plaster-in enclosures that result in the blinds being completely invisible when open.

Controlled by a house-wide lighting control system, architectural and feature lighting sits alongside the motorised window treatments and allows effortless control, with enhanced features such as lighting and blinds being automatically set at preset times or in response to the rise and setting sun.

SONA are our first choice to assist us with technological requirements for our projects.
Whether it’s full integration, a home cinema or automated curtains and blinds, their service and attention to detail is meticulous and aligns with our studio’s own philosophy.
Fiona Watkins, Fiona Watkins Design

Reassurance as standard

A key part of all our projects is robust and well considered infrastructure.

Although the homeowner didn't require audio video in every room of the house, comprehensive cabling and documentation ensures that at any point in the future they chose to expand or upgrade the system, the property is ready.
Equally if the home ever finds itself with new owners, who have different requirements - they can be met with minimal disruption.

A secure and high performance wired and wireless network provides the connectivity that every modern home needs.

The simple life

Whilst having the ability to access the latest TV shows, movies and music was an important requirement throughout this home, as for all our clients - ease of use and practicality were key factors in the final solution.

A simple but powerful system therefore features televisions in each of the key areas, supplemented with discrete soundbars and in-ceiling speakers to provide higher fidelity and more even coverage throughout the rooms.

The homeowners, and their guests can send music from their own devices, directly from their playlists to enjoy through the system, and easily group areas together or enjoy different music across the house.

Tailored technology

A discrete surround system in the family room adjacent to the kitchen provides an unexpected Dolby Atmos cinema experience, proving that you don't have to go to the extent of a full home cinema installation to enjoy high quality audio and video day, and more than meeting the homeowners requirements for entertainment.

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