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Extravagent Experience

A new experience for a new home

Part of a whole home renovation after the client moved into this existing property, the existing cinema was a uninspiring space, ticking a box rather than delivering any kind of memorable experience.

You now open the doors of this basement space to reveal swathes of luxurious plush velvet seating, dramatic dark navy fabric walls and polished chrome trims, all surrounded by vibrant coloured floor and ceiling accents, setting the scene for what’s going to be a memorable event.

A glamorous escape

As the projector powers up and the enormous screen comes to life, it's clear this a room and a space like no other.

Indeed - it's more than a room; it's a sensation and a feeling, an escape to another world where are no distractions, no clutter, no interruptions.

It's total immersion.

Escape from reality

Your senses are switched off entirely and instantly from the outside world in this dark, and enveloping, yet enchanting room.

Every element has been designed to put you at ease, allow you to completely switch off and be immersed - whether that's in a Hollywood blockbuster, the latest must see series, your favourite team winning the league or even the latest Playstation or XBox release.

Heard but not seen

Deliberately hidden from view, this high performance home cinema conceals ten speakers within its seamless fabric wrapped walls and ceiling.

Letting the giant screen take centre stage, with it's super widescreen aspect and 4K resolution, the audio elements of this space are truly heard and not seen.

Nestled amongst room acoustic treatment around and above you, the three dimensional sound they create wraps around you, placing you right in the middle of the action whether that's a raucous car chase through city streets, or soft raindrops falling through the tree canopy.

The simple pleasures

In a world where we are always multi-tasking and our brain is in a constantly distracted state, it feels like true rest to watch a film in this cinema room.

The chance to focus your mind on one thing, without having to lift a finger... It really is the most simple of pleasures, in a truly luxurious setting.

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