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Balancing Act

A family orientated living room which features a high performance cinema system - seamlessly blended with beautiful interior design where aesthetics and performance combine to create a truly special entertainment space.

The art of compromise

From our first client meeting, it was clear that audio and video performance was an important consideration - the client had carried out their own research on speakers and video equipment and wanted reassurance that we could deliver an amazing cinema system, whilst respecting the aesthetic requirements for the space.

It was important to ensure that first and foremost this was a beautiful lounge for all the family to enjoy.

After careful consideration and design we therefore proposed a solution where all speakers for the cinema would be completely integrated into the decór and be completely invisible when installed, maintaining the elegant look of the room - but ready to transport you to another world when the curtains close and the lights dim...

Heard but not seen

Hidden behind the acoustically transparent projection screen are the same high performance speakers that have been used for producing award winning music, film and TV productions, and invisibly installed into the ceiling and rear wall are plaster-in speakers.

On the rear wall, this means that the textured wallpaper, and beautiful feature alabaster wall lights take the limelight, not an unsightly speaker grille looking completely out of place.

Technology is a critical and significant part of this room, but at SONA - we specialise in creating spaces where you have no idea that's the case. Although clearly an amazing entertainment space - this room does not shout 'cinema', but creates a sense of calm and luxury by allowing the interior design to remain front and centre.

Reinvigorate, refresh & reset

When you do fall back into the oversized sofa, all the content you could desire is a literal button press away, with a single button gently dimming the lighting and closing the curtains and blinds so that the room itself fades into the background.

In todays hectic world, with pressure to be constantly connected it is becoming increasingly difficult to disconnect and unwind.
At SONA we fundamentally believe that spaces like this have a powerful ability to reinvigorate and refresh by simply allowing you to actually switch off - whether it's for 30 minutes, or 3 hours.

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