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Arts & Crafts Restoration

A tech-savvy client, disillusioned with technology at home asked for a pragmatic approach to help reinvigorate this property alongside an beautiful modern reinterpretation of every interior space from the team at Design by UBER.

Alternative experience

Although this young client was positive about how technology at home could have a positive influence on the renovation - previous experience had left him cautious - with systems and the functionality they provided feeling unnecessary and clunky to use.

He didn’t feel that he'd been listened to and that equipment and features had simply been put in for the sake of it.

Our approach turned this experience around, engaging the client in a detailed dialogue about how he wanted to use the house, what was important to him, and equally - what wasn't important.

Design led

As a result of this design led approach, we've delivered an intentionally simple and intuitive system, which was almost 40% more cost effective than other solutions he'd considered.

We reutilised the existing lighting control system, updating it for modern lighting fixtures and added new keypad finishes to match the other fixtures.

To complement the lighting system, we also specified and supplied all of the architectural lighting, from discrete downlighting, to illuminated coffers, and in cabinet feature lighting.

Less is more

We're huge proponents of only specifying equipment and features that will genuinely add value to a property, and it's owners.

This project is an example where the identification, and focus on precisely what's important, and how to achieve it has delivered an incredibly functional and beautiful home - where anyone can immediately and intuitively be connected and control lighting or enjoy incredible entertainment at the touch of a button.

Immersive sound

Design by UBERs rearrangement of the basement spaces provides an incredible entertaining space with a large open plan lounge, separated from a glamourous pool, poker and bar area.

The entire space features high quality audio throughout, with the main lounge area benefitting from large screen TV with surround system - all illuminated with subtle downlighting and feature coffer lighting.

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