Will Home Technology Kill Your Interior Design?

September 10, 2018

Understandably some clients and also, some Interior Designers have concerns that smart home technology can negatively impact on the carefully designed interior of a home. The most frustrating thing for us, as home technology experts, is trying to get the word out that this need NEVER be the case!

Achieving Beautiful Home Technology

Get Your Smart Home Technology Experts Early On

The issue of interior and functionality clashes lies in the fact that as home technology experts we are often consulted AFTER the interior design has been planned and agreed. It may have been decided that a TV will go on a certain wall, when sometimes the client might really prefer that the TV be hidden behind a piece of artwork or within some furniture IF, they knew that was an option.

The key word here is IF!

We have installed TVs behind mirrors, in furniture, behind custom artwork – you name it. Anything is possible when it comes to home technology – all that is required is a clear vision of what the client wants, and some creative experts on the case (that’s us by the way, often working hand-hand with Interior Designers)

Wall Acne Vs Functionality

Recently we worked on a very high specification project where someone involved in the project had decided to remove all wall controllers for heating / air conditioning etc because they were minimising ‘wall acne’.  A common interiors and functionality clash.

Whilst removing the controllers was indeed successful in removing the wall acne, the actual result was a home where the heating couldn’t be controlled without going to the time and effort of logging in to a portal, and managing the heating online through a pretty clumsy control system.

We won’t even go in to the fact that should the internet ever be down OR a guest is staying the house and it gets too hot, you run in to all kinds of problems!

This kind of problem could have been easily avoided had we been consulted from the very beginning.  We have a plethora of beautiful and functional solutions to common issues like this such as simple customised control keypads that are very subtle.  SONA loves nothing more than being presented with a challenge and finding an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution that blows people away.

Technology is About Endless Possibilities

Working in the technology industry is all about possibilities and solutions.  It’s what we do.   There’s always, ALWAYS an answer.  However sometimes, the questions are asked too late, and a solution that would have meant a very happy client, is discovered too far down the line when we are only just being consulted.  Whilst we can still find solutions at this point, once walls have been plastered and painted, furniture has been made, or TVs have been ordered, solutions are usually more complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

This is where getting an Integrated Technology Expert and Consultant in to discuss what’s actually possible can take a home build project from good to exceptional.

Consulting with a home technology expert BEFORE finalising interior design and details can firstly, improve the client’s overall satisfaction level when the job is complete.  This is because by working hand in hand with interior designers from the beginning the client gets a beautiful AND fully intuitive home.


Luxury Doesn’t Compromise

Sometimes, and in fact oftentimes, either beauty or function has been compromised because client’s representatives, interior designers or project managers sometimes don’t realise just how much we can achieve with technology these days without having to compromise on style and aesthetics.

After all, an interior designer’s job is to make a home beautiful.  Our job is to create and install an integrated, fully intuitive home technology system that is so good, you barely notice it’s there, because it fits so seamlessly in to its environment.

From bespoke speaker coverings that match the exact pantone of a wall colour or appear to be artwork; to TVs that appear to be mirrors until they are activated or appear as if from nowhere at the tap of a screen.

Technology doesn’t need to be obvious. We often just need to be consulted at the beginning of a project, and then truly, anything is possible when it comes to beautiful, bespoke integrated home technology systems.