Why Your TV Speakers Just Aren’t Good Enough

September 7, 2020

In recent years, developments in the home theatre and entertainment sector have put the spotlight on great visuals. New innovations such as 4K Ultra HD have seen image quality skyrocketing to 3,840 by 2,160 pixels – designed with cinema screens in mind.

But while these developments have revolutionised immersive viewing, TV speakers are somewhat lagging behind. For that true cinema feel, you need a speaker system that works as hard as the visuals.

Why can’t I get great sound through my TV?

The answer to this one is simple – it all comes down to size. As modern-day televisions become slimmer, the ability to produce great sound becomes compromised. This is because the large spectrum of sounds needs to be supported by what’s known as a ‘driver’.

For high sounds, this driver can get away with being small. But for deeper, bass-like sounds, the television needs to have either a very high-powered or large driver. This puts enormous design constraints on flatscreen televisions. Speakers need to go on the bottom or the back.

This could result in high pitched sounds reverberating against the wall, which works for smaller rooms. However, in larger spaces, the sound is all but lost.

Worse still, you may find that different sounds vary in volume – hushed dialogue and booming sound effects, for example.

Certainly, design innovations have tried to combat some of these issues, for example with down-firing speakers re-directing the sound. However, for best results, it’s best to have a separate speaker system.

What are the best TV speaker systems available?

To avoid volume issues or tinny, muffled sounds, consider installing one or more of these as part of your home entertainment system.


A Soundbar does exactly what it says on the tin. Rectangular in shape, it sits directly in front of the television, and in some cases, may also come with a subwoofer.

The bar itself is actually seven speakers in one. This produces a ‘psycho-acoustic’ effect, which bounces waves off the walls to create a 360° sound experience. What results is immersive viewing: sounds can literally jump out from behind you.


Known as the ‘invisible speakers’, Amina speakers don’t just deliver incredible sound quality. They do it without intrusion. At SONA, we believe in truly integrated technology, which is why Amina speakers are so often part of our installations.

Designers at Amina say the invisible effect is to remove any visual stimuli, thereby eliminating distractions. Using Vibrational Panel Technology, Amina speakers replace loudspeaker cones with a flat panel. These panels use small vibrations that can be heard, not seen – perfect for invisible integration into walls, ceilings or flat decorative panels.


Like SONA, Sonance have pride of place in the CEDIA trophy cabinet, with their products featured in the Best Integrated Home 2019. Sonance produce in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, perfect for subtle home entertainment.

Like Amina, Sonance can integrate with drywall, paint, wallpaper, wood veneer and more. What’s more, they also produce subtle garden speakers that can hide among flowerbeds, features and exterior walls.


Artcoustic offer perhaps the biggest range of choice when it comes to home speakers. Every product is fully customisable, including in-wall and ceiling speakers, subwoofers and floor standing modular variants.

Using high-grade copper coils and bypass capacitors, every driver is constructed by hand, delivering the best sound quality possible. Artcoustic only work with trusted partners to deliver their fully customisable installations, from home cinema speakers to smaller applications.

Which TV speaker is right for me?

The perfect television speaker will vary depending on the size of your screen, the amount of space, and the ability to integrate speakers within walls or ceilings. For example, home cinema speakers should be able to achieve at least 105 dB each.

For an expert consultation, speak to the SONA team. We’ll visit your property and give you an accurate assessment of which speaker would suit you best. We’re 100% brand agnostic, so there’s no pressure to choose any one product.

A visual experience is nothing with a complementary sound. With our industry-leading installations, you can achieve both.

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