Why You Need Mood Lighting in Your Bathroom

February 17, 2020

We often overlook just how much value the bathroom brings to our home. More than just a function room, it’s our space for relaxation, for escaping, preparing for job interviews or just big nights out.

With so many potential emotions to be felt in this room, you need a lighting scheme that reflects this. At SONA, we specialise in providing mood lighting for the bathroom, serving a number of functions.

What can lighting bring to the table?

Your bathroom is the first place you head to when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you leave when you’re heading out at night. That’s why you need mood lighting to adjust to your moods and activities. Consider the following:

Function-based lighting

Whether you’re washing your face or applying makeup, you’ll need bright, plain lighting to accentuate your features. Add too much and you risk obscuring the true image in the mirror; add too little and you won’t be able to get up and go.

The perfect function-based mood lighting will complement the natural light coming in from your windows. There should be a fine balance to reflect your true skin tones and draw attention to finer details, for example applying eye makeup. It should also be bright enough to switch on those circadian rhythms in the morning – ideal for letting your body know it’s time to wake up and get moving.

Style and substance

It may be your private room, but there’s no reason why the bathroom can’t play a role in entertaining! For the ultimate stylish finish, use ceiling lights for functional lighting and wall lights to add that extra sparkle. Delight your guests with automated colour changing wall LEDs – from disco purple for getting dressed up, to relaxed greens.

Creating your personal space

Beyond entertaining, your bathroom is also your safe haven. For the ultimate chilled out space, a splash of colour with mood lighting will have myriad effects on your body. Blues and jade greens, for example, encourage a sense of calmness, while purple is great for contemplation, creativity, or even romantic – ideal for sharing a bath!

The ultimate in home innovation, a bathtub internal lighting system is that warm welcome you need after a long day at work. We even install automated bathtubs to set to your desired depth and warmth, so you can bring the spa experience into your very own home.

Blending function and fashion

A well-considered bathroom mood lighting setup will feature fixtures far from any water outlets, without affecting the overall layout of the bathroom. You’ll want the assurance that you can switch from getting ready to relaxing in an instant.

For best results, you should pair your automated coloured lights with dimmer switches. These are great for helping you wake up slowly, or wind down after a stressful day. With our experience in home installations, as certified with our CEDIA Member of Excellence status, we’ll help you seamlessly blend these functions. Safety always comes first.

Add the finishing touches

For guests and for pampering, why not add music? An IP-44 rated speaker can be affixed to your ceiling and is resistant to steam and humidity. You can even add to the ambience with floor lighting, which will complement any flashier hanging light fixtures.

How to get the best from lighting in your bathroom

For best results, always remember to:

  • Consult with an interior designer to discuss where natural light will come in, and where this will reflect or cast shadows
  • Work with trusted suppliers to ensure fixtures are nowhere near water outlets
  • Blend function and style with key lighting over areas such as mirrors
  • Add colour for a mood-enhancing effect.

For more tips on how to turn your bathroom into the ultimate living space, contact the SONA team today.