Why use Control4?

June 7, 2021

Whether you’re a smart home veteran or a home tech novice, you can make your life easier by choosing a simple control system. One brand that we’re passionate about is Control4 – a simple plug and play system that puts your favourite devices in the palm of your hand.

How does the Control4 system work?

Control4 helps to integrate all your smart home features in one single handheld device. You can power everything from lighting and automated blinds to air conditioning and smart locks in one.

This is thanks to a combination of technologies including:

  • Zigbee – a program that allows smart devices to talk to one another
  • Wi-Fi – your wireless internet connection, allowing for data sharing
  • Bluetooth – allowing content to be ‘casted’ in real-time, e.g. playing music from a mobile device and connecting to a speaker without wires.

While a whole house of systems to control seems daunting, Control4 makes it easier by combining everything in one place.

Can I program Control4 myself?

This is the beauty of Control4 – it doesn’t come with a hefty instruction manual. It’s simple to use for anyone who’s ever used an app before. Control4 comes with its own custom-made app, and within it, you can customise settings to suit you.

For example, you might consider:

Remotely unlocking doors

If you’ve got a smart doorbell system, you can view any visitors right there with the live camera imagery streamed to your device. If they’re a familiar face, simply tap or swipe to let them in, and the door will unlock!

Playing music around the house

In this day and age, nobody’s got time to be running around the house and turning on music manually! You can use the app to control where music or other sounds are playing – either the same or different sounds in each room. Rave music for the kids, chilled music in the yoga studio. All at the touch of a button.

Monitoring energy usage

Smart home apps don’t need to drain all the energy in your home. In fact, you can use them to conserve energy by monitoring functions like heating in real-time. Set it to come on and go off to your timetable – keeping your home toasty when you need it.

Is Control4 compatible with Apple HomeKit?

The good news for Apple users is that Control4 is indeed compatible with the Apple HomeKit. This means that you can control all sorts of devices from Apple’s own control centre, including speakers, windows, TVs, humidifiers and garage doors.

Is Control4 compatible with Alexa?

Looking for handsfree control? Control4 is compatible with Alexa, so you can change your settings via voice command. What’s more, if you’d sooner not use an app, Control4 also has an optional handheld device.

Where to buy Control4

It’s important to find the right supplier with Control4. The system has a project planning tool to help you determine your wants and needs. By choosing a product expert, such as CEDIA Member of Excellence, you can guarantee aftercare beyond the initial installation.

Ask us about Control4 today

Start making life in your smart home easier with Control4. Our dedicated experts are here to help you install, use and get the best out of your setup. Contact SONA today for more information.