Why Is Aftercare So Important in a Smart Home?

November 2, 2020

Like most technology, it’s never over when you’ve got your hands on the latest gadget. There are updates, maintenance, or even the next model coming along before you’ve had time to blink!

While home technology isn’t quite as blink-and-you’ll-miss-it as the latest smartphone, the importance of aftercare cannot be overlooked. In fact, installation is just one step of the whole customer lifecycle here at SONA. After the project scope and the integration itself, it’s important to check in periodically.

The essential aftercare checks to your Smart Home

Whether it’s a home cinema or just a small lighting installation, aftercare maintains the balance that you wanted in your original spec. In addition to our bespoke SONA guarantee, we also offer the following checks to make sure your home is working as it should.

Software updates

Developers are often revising their apps and technologies to improve the user experience or iron out any flaws. It’s up to us to ensure that your technology is updated with the latest releases, to avoid any security or long-term compatibility issues.

What’s more, updates may change user interfaces, for example, controls on handheld devices, which may need some added instruction. We’re here to guide you through any changes and make sure you transition easily.

Security upgrades

This is of huge importance – not just for the obvious, like home security systems in your home, but for any device. Many luxury home technology devices run on the Internet of Things. Though this is protected by various third-party cybersecurity providers, hackers are always trying to get one step ahead.

Regular security upgrades offer ‘patches’ to prevent data breaches and other attacks, while they can also fix any bugs that may hinder user experience.

Remote system monitoring

Little hiccups like outages are kept to a minimum with remote system monitoring. There’s no need to get involved with the cables yourself. Our team can monitor your devices for downtime and any unexpected patterns 24 hours a day. No engineer call-outs – so long as you have an internet connection, things are kept on an even keel from afar.

Product warranties

Even without an aftercare package, every piece of technology comes with its own product warranty to give you the best service possible. As a brand agnostic supplier, SONA matches that warranty – whether a product is set to last one, five or 20 years. If it goes wrong and needs repairing or replacing within its warranty period you won’t pay a penny.

The SONA guarantee

As CEDIA Members of Excellence, we strive to only work with the best technology to enhance your home. In addition to our warranty matching, we offer the following services as part of our service plan:

  • Proactive 24-7 Remote Monitoring
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Security alerts
  • Proactive prevention
  • Internet health reportS
  • Remote reboots
  • Lifetime lighting updates
  • System health checks

Remember – quality is for life!

While aftercare may be an essential part of running a Smart Home, we always offer the best products to suit your needs. For more tips on home installations, get in touch with the SONA team here.