Why Cable Management Matters in Your Smart Home

December 22, 2020

Any luxury home technology installer worth their salt knows that the magic doesn’t stop once the project is completed. In fact, that’s just the beginning. While you’re busy playing with your new automated lights, entertainment rooms or speakers, we’re making sure it’s all running smoothly.

What is cable management?

Running a home cinema, security system or audio system throughout the house requires an immense amount of power. When you book a luxury home tech installation with us, you also get an integrated cable management system to keep it running.

Cable management essentially keeps this intricate network of cables in order, using colour-coded tech and racks to keep cables neat and tidy. Often, the cable management area is in a space all of its own – either in a small, separate room, or hidden away from plain sight, for example in a wall or behind furniture.

The practice is so highly regarded in the luxury home tech industry that there are even awards for it! In 2014, for example, we won the ‘Best Dressed Rack’ for this luxury integrated home.

The CEDIA cable management guidelines

Being recognised for such an award means that we have met the guidelines set by the industry regulator – CEDIA. (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association.) In 2013, CEDIA published its ‘residential cabling guidelines’, which state that:

  • Grade 1 cabling infrastructure ensures that internet services, home networking, TV, satellite, radio, telephone, conferencing and other entertainment services can be used in most rooms throughout the house.
  • Grade 2 cabling infrastructure will satisfy all the requirements of grade 1, but will also enable distribution of audio-visual content throughout the home. This can be delivered with hidden in-ceiling speakers or in-wall control points.
  • Grade 3 cabling infrastructure offers further functionality for items such as lighting control, motorised blinds and curtains, as well as security systems for access and CCTV. Homeowners can control all of these, plus environmental settings like heating, using a single control system. This is usually powered by in-wall controls or handheld remote devices.

Getting it right first time

As we can see here, there is a lot of potential for technology to go wrong – particularly on Grade 3 luxury integrated homes. As CEDIA Education Chair Matt Dodd puts it: “The most expensive cable that can be installed is the one that did not get fitted in the first place. Mistakes can be costly, so it is vital to get the cabling infrastructure correct the first time around.”

While it’s hugely important to work with a certified installer, cable management is also an essential part of the aftercare process.

Upgrading technology

As we all know, technology can often progress faster than we’re prepared for – which is why we should always be wary of the latest upgrades. With a robust cable management system, installers can upgrade packages simply, whatever the technology.


SONA offers aftercare packages that provide care and assistance in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. With these services offered remotely, good cable management is essential – so that both the user and installer know what technology is in which place. This is also imperative for general maintenance, helping to keep your home tech going for longer.

The aesthetic

It wouldn’t be a luxury modern home if it didn’t look the part. Whether that’s through cleverly hidden speaker and lighting systems, or just simply organised cables, the management process ensures a neat and tidy aesthetic throughout. Leave the technology to us, so that you can enjoy it without a fuss.

Discover a simpler solution

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