What tech can I install in my bathroom?

September 10, 2021

Every room in the house has got smarter and bathrooms are no different. It might be one of the less obvious rooms when thinking of technology, but there are now many gadgets that can make your bathroom experience safer, easier, and more entertaining.

You can use tech to watch your favourite movie in the bath, listen to music in the shower, or alert you to leaks and overflows. Let’s take a look at the many ways you can make your bathroom smarter today.

Smart bathroom lighting

You can totally change the feel of your bathroom by using clever lighting. As with traditional bathrooms, it’s best to provide one main source of light, along with brighter individual lights around mirrors and workspaces.

Once you’ve taken care of the practical side, you can use smart lights to create a more tranquil atmosphere. Dim your lights from your device when you slip into a relaxing bath. Baths can also come with many extra bells and whistles, such as whirlpool or jacuzzi settings for that touch of luxury.

Shower disco

Want to take your music everywhere? Try built-in bathroom speakers. You can extend your home entertainment system to the bathroom with in-ceiling speakers, or, if you want a simpler solution, you can place Bluetooth speakers strategically around the room. You can even find showers with a Bluetooth speaker built into the shower head! You’ll never have an excuse not to belt out your favourite tune in the shower again.

Aquavision TV

For those of you that love a relaxing bath, a waterproof TV screen may be just what you’re looking for. These screens are built into the wall around your bath and connected to your favourite source of programmes, so you can watch your shows while taking a long soak.

Of course, with electronics in the bathroom, safety is the number one priority. With a fully waterproof TV such as Aquavision, you won’t have to worry about your tablet or laptop falling into water. The only thing you’ll have to think about is the bath getting too cold.

Smart taps

This brings us to the next point. With a smart tap, you can let technology do the work and monitor your bath’s water temperature, making it perfect every time. Higher-end smart taps can even remember individual family members’ profiles and run baths according to preferences. They can also top up bath levels and temperature if needed, great for those who are watching their favourite film and need a bit more time!

Smart mirror

Getting ready for work or a big night out? Smart mirrors can help, and they offer much of the functionality you’d expect from a smart gadget today. Apps, entertainment and information can all be displayed on a smart mirror, and automated vanity lighting can help you see exactly what you need to. Smart mirrors can be fully integrated into smart home systems, meaning you’re always in control.

Leak and overflow detectors

Bathroom tech can also help you go green. Smart devices are now able to control the amount of water you use, as well as notifying you of any leaks. Not only can this help you decrease your water consumption; it can also potentially save your home from water damage if a leak occurs.

Ready to take the plunge?

We can advise on what kind of bathroom tech fits your needs and will make sure everything is perfect from start to finish. All you have to do is run a hot bath and relax. Get in touch with the experts at SONA today.