What is the home cinema experience really like?

June 28, 2021

Many of us may be lamenting the loss of regular cinema trips over the course of lockdown. Or, like some others, we may have taken the leap and brought the experience into the home – by investing in a home cinema.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your viewing experience, take it from the experts. A home cinema provides more than just a superior spectator session. It’s the whole shebang – from visuals to comfort.

Take a seat…

Before we get onto the main attraction, we have to consider the comfort element of a home cinema. How many times have you staggered up mountains of stairs, only to sit behind somebody particularly tall or talking on their phone?

With home cinemas, not only is full privacy a given; you’re also sitting on your own terms. Every project we design is taking into account the following:

  • The user’s general preferences e.g. seat depth relative to their height
  • The distance from the screen for optimal viewing
  • The distribution of the seats for the best sound quality.

Both tense dialogue and explosive action can be heard crystal clear. Plus, there’s no disparity in volume. How many times have you turned up your television during a speaking scene, only to have your ears blown off when the music starts? This is all balanced thanks to superior audio, courtesy of Dolby.

Music to your ears

While we are brand agnostic, we have a soft spot for Dolby Audio – which is what you’ll get as standard when you install your home cinema. Arguably the best speaker supplier on the market, Dolby trumps its competitors thanks to audio compression technology.

Because Dolby has a more sophisticated compression rate than other competitors, sounds can emit from the smallest speakers without compromising quality. This is amplified when we use a seven-speaker surround sound setup in your home cinema, helping you to hear noises up close and in the distance – as if you were actually there.

Picture a movie like 1917 as you follow the ‘one-shot’ camera motion. Not only are you spectating; you’re navigating through the scene with sounds and surprises coming at you from all angles – all in the comfort of your own home.

Every pixel counts

If you thought it sounded great, it looks even better. Home cinemas benefit from what’s known as ‘pixel shifting’ technology. This enables simply astronomical screen resolutions to come to life, without paying a premium for cinema tickets. A home cinema offers 4K technology, which is a full four times the size of the next biggest HD television.

Size matters – and with a resolution this high, you’ll want a screen that matches the quality. With floor to ceiling measurements, home cinemas allow you to experience the most vivid colours, heart-wrenching emotions and heart-stopping action – as though it was right in front of you.

You’re in control

Here’s another advantage of home cinemas over regular movie theatres. The control is fully yours to do as you please. Using something as simple as a tablet or other handheld device, you can pick your media input, change lighting and audio settings, and even ‘close the curtain’. No more waiting around for adverts or missing crucial parts if you need a comfort break!

Getting everybody in one place

Perhaps the best facet of the home cinema is that it’s accommodating and yet intimate at the same time. With seating generally ranging from six to 12 viewers, you can enjoy your own undisturbed session, or get everybody around to watch the sport.

Let’s not forget that the screen is yours for whatever media you wish, too. Choose DVDs, livestreams or even video games – without the popcorn prices!

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