What Can a Kaleidescape Do for You?

February 24, 2020

As proud CEDIA members of excellence, we only recommend the most innovative, effective products to our customers. This sentiment is applicable across the board, from security to our home cinema projects.

One such development in the home cinema market is Kaleidescape, a media-server system that offers content for home entertainment systems. This means clearer visuals, crisper sound and an all-round spectacular viewing experience to cinema standards. So, how exactly does it work?

Streaming and convenience: the best of both worlds

While streaming services like Netflix have enduring popularity, they are limited by an internet connection. Likewise, while disc media requires no connectivity, it is marred by the inconvenience of changing discs.

Kaleidescape offers the best of both worlds. All it requires is an initial internet connection to download movie content, and then media can be watched back without it. For added convenience, users can even pre-order movies from the store, which will be automatically downloaded as soon as they become available. No more buffering and streaming nightmares – just high quality, accessible content.

A unique library of high-quality media

While streaming services focus on convenience, they lack the true cinema experience. Kaleidescape content is designed with your home cinema in mind: immersing you into heart-stopping audio and hair-raising images.

The company focuses solely on film and media made for cinema, working with seven major motion picture studios and 30 distributors worldwide. It’s also more secure than typical streaming services, with access to up to five Kaleidescape systems per user. Gone are the days of waiting a week for new episodes to emerge – content is available all the time, at any time.

One core team to enhance your viewing experience

It might sound strange to admit that the user experience has not changed since 2001. That’s simply because it was convenient from the start – users can enjoy curated scenes, songs and features that we don’t see on discs.

Likewise, the experience isn’t like watching a DVD. There are no trailers, menus or warnings – just an authentic cinema experience. This is all thanks to a central data team in California who add unique art visuals and metadata to every piece of content produced.

Feast your eyes: a visual masterpiece like no other

Content of this quality needs to be underpinned by technical superiority. The Kaleidescape system offers just that – it surpasses its rivals for delivery speeds by up to five times, with 100% video and audio compression. This gives it a compression score of 108, with its next closest competitor coming in at 71.3.

Unlike other streaming services, which are focused on home video, Kaleidescape offers a 2:35 screen ratio. This complies with how 90% of movies are shot. What results are crystal-clear images that aren’t obscured by badly scaled displays.

This is also great news for audio. By delivering sound at lightning speeds of 24.7 mbps, sound files do not need to be compressed. This means no erratic changes in sound effects and music – you won’t have to lift a finger to adjust the sound.

Why do we work with Kaleidescape?

We want our customers to have the best, customised experience. Kaleidescape offers the biggest range of options for those who want a true cinema viewing platform: unlimited access to media with the freedom to build their own collections.

Everything from lighting to curtains drawing can be customised with the Kaleidescape system. We offer this as part of our other home automation kits, from music to lighting. We believe your home is your space to be individual, and your technology should work around you. With every installation, you’ll benefit from:

  • Ultra HD movies displayed to their full cinematic potential
  • Faster download speeds
  • No loss of quality due to compression issues
  • Full customisability
  • Round-the-clock access to media without reliance on streaming.

If you’d like to find out more about Kaleidescape, or watch it in action, contact the SONA team today.