Virtual reality: the latest development in home cinema planning

November 15, 2019

At the 2016 CEDIA Expo, visitors were stunned to see some new advancements in home technology. Otherwise known as the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, the team put on a visual spectacle for those considering home cinemas: a virtual reality showroom.

Virtual reality first came to the fore in the 1990s, and featured predominantly in the video games industry. Today, it’s come so much further: it’s used for military training, sport, mental health, education, and even planning your dream home.

Introducing the new virtual reality headset from SONA

We were so inspired by the potential of the VR headset at CEDIA, we decided to invest in one ourselves. As can be seen here, the headset allows users to visualise their living space with a home cinema built in.

This helps buyers to make a decision based on how the cinema looks in their homes, from the audio-visual tech to the seating. This powerful, pioneering piece of technology is now available for our customers to try – and may help you consider aspects that hadn’t previously crossed your mind.

What the new VR headset can show you

From the viewing experience to transforming your space, here are a few ways you can use a VR headset to plan your home cinema project.


This may sound like a misnomer, as it actually refers to sound rather than vision! With this feature, you can position speakers and test the audio experience to see what sounds best.

Axial room modes

Here you can test the strength of a sound based on different frequencies and positions around the room. This mode will display gridlines to show you how sound is distributed around the theatre.

Furniture positioning

The headset allows buyers to see where their seating might be best placed, particularly with considerations for lighting and distribution of sound among the rows.

Field of vision

Users can picture a ‘virtual viewer’ sitting in one of the virtual reality chairs and enjoying a presentation. The viewer’s lines of sight are represented as beams stemming from them, pointing to all corners of the room. This helps the buyer decide where best to position the screens and any lighting within the theatre.

How the VR headset helps with project management

Not only can this futuristic experience help you plan a home theatre project, it can also help your suppliers. As members of CEDIA, we are primed to offer you only the best and most up-to-date advice on home technology, which includes recommending suppliers and keeping them informed.

Construction and planning

A home cinema project may need an extensive amount of structural work on your property. By showing your supplier this virtual reality design, you can rule out any stumbling blocks straight away.

Sound distribution and soundproofing

By having a more accurate representation of which areas will be loudest, suppliers can recommend soundproofing and other extras to perfect your home cinema.

Electrical installations

These life-like representations will allow interior designers to see where they need to place the vital electronics, in a fashion that’s neat, safe and tucked away from the user’s view.

Plan your home cinema with SONA today

We’ll work with you and your chosen suppliers, including electricians, builders and interior designers, to bring your home theatre project to life. As experts in luxury home technology, we’re proud to offer a VR headset that shows our customers the true potential of a home cinema.

Ready to see how your home could look? Book an appointment with SONA here.