Avoiding Disaster: The Biggest Luxury Home Technology Oversights

September 16, 2018

Integrated luxury home technology is now an inevitable part of designing luxury residences.  However it is still commonplace to find luxury homes designed without proper infrastructure in place for even an entry level luxury smart home system. 

Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing

When it comes to luxury home technology, we’ve seen it all.  The difficult thing about designing your integrated smart home is that often, the house you are building may not be ready to support the technology you want.

Most clients, and many Architects and Interior Designers, don’t realise this when they are going through the design process.

Common challenges we see when it comes to installing integrated technology in luxury homes include:-

  • Inadequate space for automated blind / curtain tracks
  • Poorly designed plant rooms
  • Plant rooms in locations that produce too much heat or moisture
  • The assumption that WiFi will provide adequate connectivity in large scale homes
  • Inadequate cable infrastructure for future upgrades of the home

There are valid concerns that tech can ruin a carefully designed luxury home – but not if you use home automation experts like SONA.

The reality is that when you get your expert home technology company involved before the structural work is complete…everything is possible.



Beauty Vs Function

It is the role of interior designers and architects to bring to life beautiful spaces for the clients.  Mention the word technology, and images of big black boxes, multi-coloured wires and wall acne spring to mind.  Yuk.

However in today’s world, technology is of paramount importance in any luxury home.  We can say with confidence that it is the one element of the home that in fact, the client won’t want to be without, and once living in the home, becomes the most paramount.

Involving an AV Expert in the Design Stage

Traditionally, the role of architects and interior designers is to consider elements such as home temperature, light, power and many more complex elements.  These days though, integrated luxury home technology requires far more niche expertise, and planning from early stages.

Working With an Experienced Home Technology Expert Can Prevent Later Compromise with Your Design

Some of the biggest challenges we have to overcome as Home Technology experts are things can could have easily been planned for, without compromise, had we been involved at an earlier stage.

A common example is the way that windows are designed.  Most of our clients these days require automated blinds and curtains, but oftentimes this has then involved the structural un-doing and re-doing of window surrounds to allow for the appropriate mechanisms.

Also we often find that the location for the technology racks that house the majority of the home’s technology are often very hot and not ventilated.  Whereas technology likes to be kept cool in order to work at optimal levels.

Getting a Home Technology expert involved from the start can help to over come seemingly unimportant details like this, that end up as costly or unsightly compromises for clients later on.

In addition having proper integrated home technology expertise in place prior to construction will allow for all contractors to effectively operate their business upon move-in.   For example, many contractors require (and in fact rely upon) the support and infrastructure that a Home Technology Expert will provide in order to do their work such as: –

  • Electricians – who need proper Cable Infrastructure drawings
  • Pool Contractors – will want the leisure suite integrated
  • Interior Designers
  • Bespoke Cabinetry Makers
  • Curtains and Blinds Installers
  • Sky / BT / Virgin etc

Imagine eagerly anticipating the grand reveal of your new custom-made curtains, painstakingly curated by your Interior Designer, that you now wish were automated so that you didn't have to spend 20 minutes every morning and evening, ensuring each room was properly prepared!

Prevention is Better than Cure

Avoiding Compromise with Your Home Technology

Through our experience not working with an expert luxury home technology partner can lead to a complete project catastrophe.

Imagine having to rip out your new wall just painted with a custom finish in order to have an electrician install something you didn’t know you needed.

Imagine getting into your home only to find that response time of all your WiFi technology is painfully slow…WiFi is magic, but not when you’re talking about the size of luxury residences that we’re dealing with.  It’s simply not always appropriate.

How about waiting to see your long-awaited, carefully crafted bespoke furniture fitted when you realise that the TVs you bought don’t actually fit properly?

Or eagerly anticipating the grand reveal of your new custom-made curtains, painstakingly curated by your Interior Designer, that you now wish were automated so that you didn’t have to spend 20 minutes every morning and evening, ensuring each room was properly prepared.

All avoidable if you get your luxury home technology experts involved from the very beginning.

A Better Finish

Collaboration with an experienced home technology expert in the luxury sector can not be under-estimated and is of utmost importance for architects and designers looking to deliver beautiful yet truly future-proof and functional spaces for their clients.

Don’t risk costly compromises later that could have been avoided.

Start your design by recognizing the value of integrating complex integrated home technology systems as an integral part of your project from the very beginning.  After all, you’re never going to get a client who doesn’t want entertainment, lighting, connectivity as even a basic requirement in their luxury home.

At the end of the day, we all know everyone wants and uses hundreds of pieces of technology, every day, in their luxury home.  We just don’t necessarily want it to ruin the aesthetics of the vision.   Get a company like us involved from the start, and win on every count – beauty, performance and practicality.

If you’re an Architect, Developer or Interior Designer and are intrigued to hear how we can enhance your vision by making it truly future-proof and accommodate all the technological capabilities your clients WILL want, look at our Industry Partners page.