Technology and tradition – can they ever work?

June 21, 2021

One of the biggest concerns we hear from our customers is that home technology may not fit with their home’s aesthetic. It’s a valid concern – nobody wants to see a ton of wires hanging out of their Victorian armoire!

However, if there’s one thing we specialise in beyond luxury technology, it’s subtlety. This all comes down to choosing the right product that serves its purpose without compromising the look and feel of your home. Likewise, we work with interior designers from the start of the project – so all of our ideas can complement theirs.

Here are some examples of modern technology integrating with traditional décor in action.

Making your artwork the centre of attention

Many high-value homeowners will have equally high-value possessions – such as priceless works of art. But what if you could give them the attention they deserve and still watch your favourite programmes?

Thanks to flatscreen televisions and clever mechanics, you can hide screens behind those works of art – and bring them out when you want them. Alternatively, you can even turn mirrors into viewing screens and have them masquerade as art!

Letting nature in

We’re big fans of the biophilic look here at SONA – but the UK weather doesn’t always want to play ball. To have that feeling of a classic countryside in your rustic home, why not install an artificial skylight? The COELUX artificial skylight promises blue skies 365 days a year. Embrace that summery feel and let your circadian rhythms return to normal as you look upon soft, fluffy clouds and uplifting light.

Upgrading your curtains

We all know that motorised blinds perhaps aren’t the most genuine example of home décor from years gone by. But what about motorised curtains? You can incorporate your favourite classic designs, from smaller drapes to large, imposing puddles – without having to lift a finger.

Wake up naturally in the mornings with curtains that open in time with the sunrise. Wind down ready for an undisturbed night’s sleep – all you have to do is customise the settings on a hidden remote.

Adding the finishing touches

It’s the subtle details that make all the difference. Once again, this is why we choose suppliers who put their customers first, such as:

  • Lutron
  • Forbes and Lomax.

These forward-thinking control pad manufacturers offer a range of designs to integrate with your current aesthetic. The Lutron Alisse features subtle details that blend into the wall – no nasty ‘wall acne’ taking up your space.

Likewise, Forbes and Lomax come in a variety of finishes such as brass light switches, helping to keep your theme on point. You can even choose a transparent acrylic cover to blend your switches in with the rest of the décor.

Your own control room

Traditional homes are all about what’s visible to the naked eye – the stunning chandeliers, the brass taps and ornate furniture. But if you’re to enjoy the benefits of hidden speakers, televisions or wireless internet, where is the control panel?

At SONA, we can help to install full racks out of sight, making sure all those essential wires are fully functioning without running the aesthetic. You can also ask us about our aftercare and support packages for full peace of mind.

From larger installations to the finer details, there’s no reason why classic designs and modern technology cannot mix. Contact the team at SONA today to bring your project to life.