Spotlight on: Sonos

May 10, 2021

The fifth of our spotlight series focuses on Sonos, a manufacturer of speakers and soundbars, suitable for a range of home entertainment spaces.

You may have spotted that we recommend Lutron lighting systems to our clients. Though we’re brand agnostic, there are certain brands that continue to impress every time – and this time, the spotlight is on a brand that integrates incredibly well with Lutron, Sonos.

Ideal for home entertainment, Sonos offers a variety of speaker systems. One of its best features is that it is completely wireless – no more tripping over cumbersome hazards or ruining the aesthetic.

And of course, this does not come at a cost to the sound quality. In fact, Sonos prides itself on designing speakers “from the inside out” – combining custom woofers and tweeters with proprietary software. It’s even recommended by Oscar winners.

This is all thanks to Trueplay technology, which uses sensors to detect the acoustics of the room and adapt the sound based on this. You’ll never miss a crucial piece of dialogue or a heart-stopping musical score again. This spatial awareness function helps to distribute sound and make every wave balanced and crisp.

Sonos in action

What’s great about this particular speaker system is that it’s so versatile. The range offers portable speakers – again, not at the expense of the sound – as well as static, non-intrusive installations. Likewise, Sonos provides an innovative alternative to surround sound speakers with its soundbars.

How can you create a nightclub or cinema effect without harming the design of your home? It all comes down to subtlety. Sonos offers a range of in-ceiling and wall products, from modern round designs to flat architectural speakers that can be positioned flush with the wall. And it goes outside too – outdoor speakers are suitable for hiding behind features or in flowerbeds.

These are ideal if you’re not working with the largest space, for example, if you’ve had a garage conversion. You can make use of height instead without upsetting the general ambience of the room.

Bringing the cinema into the home

Capturing that booming, hair-raising sound doesn’t always need to have speakers the size of the room. In fact, Sonos’ soundbars are great for distributing sound around the room, saving the need for surround sound and freeing up more space.

Even in a more modest media room, the Beam and Arcs slide conveniently underneath main screens to project sound with ease. These innovative developments have been integrated with voice assistants including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, too!

Simple integration

In lieu of wires, Sonos integrates with Bluetooth technology for seamless listening. This gives users ultimate control over how they play their music – playing from a laptop or streaming from a hand-held device. As part of our package, we also create bespoke interfaces to use the speakers directly through an iPad app.

Sonos lends itself to complete personalisation and freedom, from playing music in one or separate rooms of the house, to integrating with household ‘modes’. For example, if you wanted to create your own ‘morning mode’, you could program your system to play the radio through the speakers at the same time each morning.

Hear it to believe it

From blockbuster hits to grooving in your own party room, the Sonos speaker system always delivers. We’re proud to work with a brand that combines subtlety and world-class quality, giving homeowners complete freedom over their sound.

To see how your home could benefit from a Sonos speaker system, contact SONA today.