Spotlight on: Sonance

May 6, 2021

The sixth of our spotlight series looks at Sonance, an indoor and outdoor speaker provider for modern, luxury homes.

When it comes to creating the perfect luxury home, it’s about more than the ideal light or sound. It’s about the whole experience – including, crucially – how the space looks. Sonance have managed to perfect this with the selection of indoor and outdoor speakers. Subtlety is their middle name, and yet they add a touch of class to any modern dwelling.

This is why we work with Sonance, they’ve been perfecting the design since day one, so they know how to deliver non-intrusive designs without compromising sound quality.

For example, the Visual Performance Series integrates perfectly with ceiling lights, giving the appearance that they are simply part of the décor. Meanwhile, the Architectural series has a contemporary geometric design which quite literally ‘disappears’ into the ceiling surface – great if you’ve got a smaller space. If that wasn’t enough, their Invisible series can actually be finished over with your chosen décor – so your guests won’t even know there’s a speaker there.

Let’s take this outside…

You can hide them in the ceiling; why not hide them outdoors? Perfect for the summer, Sonance has a selection of speakers that can hide among flowerbeds, features and exterior walls. There’s no limit to the materials they can integrate with either, including:

  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood veneer

There’s no need to panic about getting them to fit with the rest of your garden aesthetic! With clever Mariner designs and even speakers hidden in fake rocks, you can enjoy 360° sound without encroaching on the furnishings in your garden.

Pump up the volume

They may do subtle, but they also do loud. If your home can handle those concert vibes, you can also try their range of amplifiers and subwoofers – perfect for that traditional surround sound. Many of Sonance’s customers choose to cross over from the domestic into the commercial space, too, and Sonance is the ideal choice for event sound.

Sonance and SONA projects

You can’t spell Sonance without SONA. We’re proud to say we used Sonance speaker technology in one of our award-winning projects, having won the Best Integrated Home at the CEDIA Awards. We chose Sonance not only for its outstanding reputation, but for its adaptability. For example, its outdoor speaker range is made from non-corroding material, providing protection from the elements.

Likewise, the speakers have a noise-cancelling DSP which overpowers natural outdoor sounds. These speakers can even be used to subtly discourage animals from walking on your flowerbeds!

Experience this versatile system today

Loud and thumping, quiet and relaxing, Sonance can help you to achieve any indoor or exterior ambience you desire. As the kings and queens of hidden speakers, Sonance can be integrated into any home décor, regardless of the size or style.

Glam up your media room or turn your garden into the go-to venue for summer garden parties. Whether it’s intense dialogue in a home cinema or gentle outdoor music, you can guarantee crisp sounds wherever you are.

At SONA, we’ll help you customise your controls to get the best from your Sonance audio system. Get in touch with us to find out more today.