Spotlight on: Orluna

April 9, 2021

The first of our spotlight series looks at Orluna, manufacturer of innovative LED lighting for luxury homes.

If somebody were to ask you what ‘colour temperature’ meant, what would you say? Colour temperature is just one of many things we can control with the help of Orluna spotlighting. It’s all based on the Kelvin Scale, which measures the warmth of light from infrared through to ultraviolet.

This is crucial for those who are looking for specific aims when lighting their smart homes. The scale applies to LED lighting, with ‘embers’ weight in at around 800 Kelvins (K) while skylights come in at 12 to 20,000K.

Daylight typically measures at around 5,500K to 6,500K, which is where we’d find most household fluorescent bulbs. But the beauty of Orluna is that we have the control to customise our ‘colour temperature’ to however we feel.

The ‘unique phosphor blend’

In traditional LED lighting, the light spectrum does not blend in line with natural sunlight. When we view the spectrum, we can see it troughs around the ‘blue light’ mark before peaking again as we move toward infrared.

Orluna’s light source is able to replicate natural sunlight by reducing levels of blue light. This is essential for a few reasons:

  • We can create a natural blend and transition from day to night
  • Lower ‘blue light’ levels help to regulate our sleep patterns
  • A more natural light spectrum replicates organic day and night patterns for all-round wellness.

By blending better with dimmers, Orluna helps our clients to customise their lighting settings depending on their mood. For example, by day, they might ask for something brighter near the middle of the spectrum to increase productivity. By night, they might need warmer tones to aid relaxation or set the scene for entertaining.

The star attraction

As manufacturers of spotlights, Orluna also helps us to highlight centrepieces or areas of the room that command attention – be it something as simple as a mirror or as ornate as a priceless piece of artwork.

Alternatively, hanging spotlights work well in a functional setting, for example, adding light to work surfaces in kitchens. The futuristic style of their hanging lights means that their design complements any modern kitchen.

When subtlety is key

If you’re looking for less of an intrusive design, Orluna has a product for that, too. Ideal for home cinemas, indoor pools or anywhere where subtlety is desired, Orluna provides a range of in-ceiling lights from square and circular designs to trimless finishes.

This is particularly helpful when we have a challenging project – for example, converting an old traditional setting into a new function room, such as a home cinema. Orluna’s range of designs can be integrated with many different wall and ceiling types, allowing for full flexibility at the client’s request.

Star quality

We feel privileged to have worked with such a forward-thinking, customer-focused brand. Orluna has appeared in many prestigious venues, for example, dining outlets in London – and it is a pleasure to be able to install it into our customers’ homes.

Our aim is to bring that luxury into every home: 5-star quality at the touch of a button. Of course, it all comes totally customisable, so we endeavour to help our customers automate their lighting settings.

From contemporary hanging spotlights to subtle home installations, the Orluna product catalogue is as vast as it is stylish. And of course, none of this comes at the price of quality – the superior phosphor blend helps to capture our signature biophilic style.

Invite Orluna into your home

If you’d like to see how Orluna could work for your home, please contact the SONA team today.