Spotlight on: Lutron

April 26, 2021

The fourth of our spotlight series is dedicated to Lutron, suppliers lighting controls and motorised blinds.

You may have noticed this name popping up a few times in the SONA case study portfolio. Whether it’s our award-winning integrated homes or luxury developer systems, we have a bit of a soft spot for this incredible lighting control brand.

Setting the scene

Perhaps one of the most standout features of Lutron is its ability to control a broad colour spectrum. That is as long as the fittings support this. Those from Orluna for example, work wonderfully with the Lutron control system.

We’ve used this in many settings, from bright and airy kitchen spaces to cool and mysterious outdoor pools. Users can customise their settings by selecting certain modes, for example, bright, inter-changing lights or calmer shades to welcome them into the kitchen in the mornings.

We help users to control these settings using an app, or they can also use Lutron’s bespoke keypads, tailored to each user’s wants and needs.

Versatility throughout the home

One of the reasons we favour Lutron so heavily is that it is so versatile. For example, in our Cedia Award Winning Project from 2020, we installed the Lutron Homeworks system. This holistic system gives the homeowner access to interior and exterior lighting, control of the Coelux artificial light, daylight (through motorised blinds and curtains), as well as setting scenes such as wake up and goodnight scenes.
How can we imagine this in practice? In the case of this home, the owner can wake up, press a single button on the keypad next to their bed, this starts a transition in the lights from warm sunrise light, through to daylight throughout the home, whilst also turning the kitchen TV on to the News ready for the owner arriving downstairs with their coffee.
The system can be integrated with all manner of other technologies and can essentially do whatever it is the user wants it to do, with the right programming of course.

The signature keypad

In addition to motorised blinds, Lutron also has its pièce de résistance: the keypad. Simple and stylish, these keypads can be customised to reflect your personal settings (for example, ‘morning mode’ or ‘kitchen’) and add a subtle, sophisticated glamour to the room.

With your own custom programming and engraving, you can make the keypad truly yours. It also goes beyond lighting and can control other devices, for example, in this case, the spa’s steam generator, magnetic door locks, sauna, motorised doors and motorised blind and curtains.

In total control

Like every product in our portfolio, we only recommend those that come with intuitive, simple controls. Lutron offers the chance to control anything from single rooms through to the whole home. This can help to assure homeowners with security (making the empty home seem ‘in use’) to sustainability – saving energy on lighting.

Light it up with Lutron

Working, playing, studying or somewhere in between, there’s a Lutron lighting system for every luxury home. If you’re looking for fully customised functionality without the stress, we can help. Get in touch with SONA for more information today.