Spotlight on: Crestron

April 12, 2021

The second of our spotlight series looks at Crestron, manufacturer and distributor of home control equipment and software.

One of the benefits of being brand agnostic is being able to work with so much leading technology, using it to enhance our customers’ homes. When it comes to Crestron, we take this one step further – customising the user interface to give our clients control over everything they want.

Creston is a leading manufacturer of home control systems. Using a simple handheld tool, users can change settings instantly. They can also make use of in-wall touch panels and a tablet and phone app for the homeowner to enjoy their home functions seamlessly.

We believe that every piece of home technology should enhance the user’s life – which is why Creston is so integral as part of our product portfolio.

Setting the scene

Imagine waking up to the perfect pre-made, homely setting: the heating is on at the ideal temperature, the lighting is following the rising of the sun and the news switches on as soon as you enter the kitchen. All of this is possible with a Crestron control system – users can automate settings to create specific modes such as ‘morning mode’. Want bright light for productivity? No problem. Want something warmer to ease you into the day? Just plug it in to the system.

Saving energy

We use the 4 Series Control platform to help our customers take charge of their energy expenditure. By using remote controls for installations such as automated blinds, we can make better use of natural light to limit energy use. Likewise, our customers can adjust their heating settings for when they’re out at work or away on holiday.

Smart homes are renowned for saving energy – and we like to think that Crestron technology puts the control back in our clients’ hands.

Maintaining security

High-value homes are doubtless a huge security concern for their owners. Crestron helps to give homeowners full visibility of their homes via a closed-circuit television system, with live feeds directly to their mobiles or tablets.

Even if they’re at home, homeowners can use this remote control technology to view any visitors before allowing entry. Additional security measures can help to provide peace of mind and even keep home insurance costs down.

Simple keypad systems

At SONA, we believe you shouldn’t have to earn a computer science degree to work your smart home technology. That’s why we use Crestron – which offers a range of handheld devices or in-wall keypads. These smart designs feature simple instructions, allowing our clients to customise their settings without consulting a manual. Crestron also integrates seamlessly with other brands that we will look at in this series such as Lutron, giving customers an even greater choice when it comes to choosing fittings.


If you are using a mobile device, it’s all totally accessible via an app. Simply download, communicate with your home and change your settings as you please. It doesn’t need to be difficult.

Multiple functions

Your home should be a place of relaxation, entertainment and productivity – whatever you choose. This is even more pertinent in times of lockdown, when more and more of us are working from home. That’s why Crestron is so essential for our customers. At one end of the home, a customer may want to relax with television or their own playlist, while another resident might want to keep things calm in a home office. Crestron offers full flexibility over what functions work where – whether it’s music playing across multiple zones or lighting for workouts.

Put the control back in your hands

You cannot have good technology without a strong control system. At SONA, we customise all Crestron controls with your own interface – making it simple to use and unique to you. To find out how you could benefit from this intuitive control system, contact us.