Spotlight on: Control4

April 23, 2021

The third of our spotlight series takes a look at Control4, making smart home functionality easy with a plug and play app.

Whether you’re new to a smart home or just want to make the most of the tech, it all comes down to control. Working with Control4 gives us the chance to assure our customers – there’s no need for a rocket science degree when it comes to enhancing your home!

Control4 manufacture “plug and play” control systems for the whole suite of luxury home tech installations. This means that users can control anything from the palm of their hand:

  • Lighting
  • Closed-circuit television
  • Intercoms
  • Home cinemas
  • Audio
  • The whole home!

How it works

Rather than sifting through pages of manuals, users simply download an app and control their settings from there. This offers many benefits, from comfort to security.

Let’s take their home intercom feature as an example. Users can answer a ‘doorbell’ using their smartphone app wherever they are. If guests arrive at the house before they do, they can then use the same app to open up motorised garage doors or gates. Similarly, they might want to remotely unlock doors and lock them again for deliveries. This provides extra protection and security, which may even keep home insurance prices down.

Then there are other security considerations we overlook – for example, making the house seem ‘occupied’. With completely wireless lighting, Control4 allows us to install non-intrusive tech that can be automated to switch on and off while we’re out of the house. Better still, users can turn down every light in the house at once – no more running around trying to save money on energy bills.

Talking to each other

Another pain point for today’s gadget-obsessed consumer is lack of interactivity. Connecting an Apple device with a Samsung, for example, may seem like a nightmare. Control4 allows every device in the house to connect through one app, so there’s no need to stress over wires, USB ports or anything else.

It may be its own app, but it’s designed to work with the rest of your tablet or phone. For example, homeowners can add their ‘favourite’ features to a home screen, scrolling across to find security, audio, heating and more with easily accessible icons.

And if you’d sooner not use an app, there’s an alternative. Control4 also have a ‘universal remote’ which connects with every smart device in the house. It also pairs with optional switches to put your home into different modes or lighting settings.

Full visibility

One of the best features our clients comment on is the visibility of the Control4 – everything accessible in one easy dashboard, from temperatures to what music is playing where. This can offer reassurance in terms of energy bills, security, and of course, making sure all your gadgets work.

Being brand agnostic, we like to give homeowners the option – we can customise controls to larger projects, or keep it simple with a pre-made app like Control4. With added functions like voice control and automated settings for specific parts of the day, Control4 does what we promise: enhances our users’ lives.

If you’re looking for a smaller home technology project or just want to start out with a simple plug and play app, we’d highly recommend Control4. Get in touch with the SONA team today to discuss your options.