Spoilt for Choice? Why SONA Is Brand Agnostic

May 19, 2020

Look around any tech-lover’s home and you might notice a few similarities – perhaps they have an Apple iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Watch and more. As creatures of habit, we tend to stick to one brand that we know and trust. 

This buying decision is perfectly appropriate for consumers making their own choices, particularly for personal use. But when it’s a product they’ve never encountered or don’t understand, they may have to turn to the experts.

That’s where we come in. As one of only 15 CEDIA Members of Excellence in the entire world, we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest developments in luxury home technology. With so many options out there, we believe there’s better value to be had from offering a number of brands.

Why some tech suppliers stick to one brand

Of course, this isn’t the way everybody does things. Some tech suppliers prefer to offer home installations with one brand of tech across the board – for example, using Control4 for automated home tech user interfaces. They might do this because:

  • They’re specifically trained in installing this brand
  • They’re an official technology partner
  • They just love it!

Why we prefer to be brand agnostic

Every tech supplier has a different modus operandi, and at SONA, we prefer to use a number of different brands for each of our projects. For example, we may recommend a SONOS sound system for some clients, while others may prefer virtual assistants like Alexa.

We may favour one form of automated lighting over another, for example Lutron lighting, to capture the exact mood the client wants to create. 

We’ll even recognise the client’s individual needs for streaming and home entertainment. For example, we might recommend the Kaleidescape system for those whose needs go beyond the standard content offerings of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Likewise, we might recommend Dolby over DTS sound, depending on the individual’s audio requirements and their personal home entertainment space. 

Your project, your needs

Every luxury home has different requirements and limitations in terms of personal use, space and the individual’s taste. That’s why we’ll offer a vast portfolio of product expertise to create that perfect atmosphere. Think relaxation, productivity and entertainment.

There are also other considerations, for example user experience. Some brands are naturally more compatible with more ‘universal’ control devices such as iPads, whereas others have their own custom-made controls. The former may be preferable for those who want a familiar, simple interface.

Likewise, we need to consider factors like the warranty. A customer may be looking for a lifelong investment or could want to upgrade in a couple of years’ time. All of this is discussed in the initial consultation period, focusing on your needs as a user. 

What can you recommend for me?

If you’re thinking about your next luxury home renovation project, consider the following:


Do you have interior design/architectural contacts who you could call upon to match your home’s aesthetic? SONA works with a number of trusted design partners to integrate your home technology seamlessly.


Do you have space for large, imposing speakers in one room, or do you want a more subtle feel with small hidden speakers dotted around the home? Will the features be the centrepiece of the room, or will they be hidden with the walls, for example automated blinds?


Who is using this room, and for what purpose? Is it for a single purpose only like a home cinema, or will it offer multiple settings as a media room? Is the main goal to work, rest or play?

The truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all brand when it comes to integrating luxury home technology. That’s why we’ll draw upon our industry expertise and far-reaching brand experience to deliver the best solutions for you.

For your bespoke consultation, contact the SONA team today.