Smart home tech that helps families

August 12, 2021

Running a family can be one of the hardest jobs of all. Thankfully, smart home technology can help in many aspects of daily life. You may need help looking out for the kids or keeping them entertained. And perhaps you need a hand keeping daily routine and tasks in order. Whatever it is, there’s smart home tech that can support you.

Keeping things safe

Safety is paramount when running a family. No matter how hard you try, kids can always manage to get up to mischief somewhere. If you’re looking to keep a closer eye on things, you should consider installing a home CCTV system.

You’ll be able to place cameras around the house as needed and keep an eye on what’s going on from your TV or personal device: a great way to prevent accidents before they happen.

It’s also possible to extend a security system like this outside the house. If you’re working inside and looking to keep an eye on the kids as they play in the garden, installing exterior CCTV is a fantastic choice.

Of course, a security system like this would not only keep your family secure; it could also help to safeguard your property. Your home should be a safe haven. Add security lights and doorbell cameras to your security system to protect your home and family members.

Keep them entertained

Why not take advantage of the almost limitless entertainment options available today? With personal devices, televisions and music systems, you’ll be able to keep every family member happy. Devices can also be an excellent educational resource, keeping kids learning while you’re busy.

You can also use home smart tech to bring the family together. With your own home cinema system, bring everybody in for a family movie night. What could be better than getting some snacks and settling down for your favourite movie together?


Home lighting has moved way past being a functional item. It can now help set the tone for a productive day. With automated lighting that works to your schedule, you’ll be able to match your home to your plans. Want the family to wake up happy? A bright and cheerful yellow at breakfast would do the trick. You can then use light throughout the day when you want to focus, entertain, or relax.

You can also help keep things safe with automated night lights. Lights can be automated to come on when required at night, whether set by time or triggered by motion sensors. If your child is scared of going to the bathroom at night, soft automated night lights that guide the way may be just the support they need. Night lights can be bright enough to see what you’re doing, but soft and dim enough so that they won’t dazzle or wake other family members.

The daily routine

There are a number of other, smaller ways that home smart tech can help keep you in your daily routine. Program your blinds to open in the morning and close at night. Set your heating system to be just the right temperature at just the right time. And for those that need a pick-me-up first thing, use automated smart tech to have your coffee hot and ready exactly when you need it in the morning. The little things add up to a big difference.

We are family

No matter the size of the family, there will always be squabbles and mischief, so let smart home tech help to bring your family together and keep them safe. Talk to the experts at SONA today about how we can help.