Revitalise That Extra Space With These Garage Conversion Ideas

September 24, 2020

Is your garage gathering dust? Some eye-opening statistics from Admiral Car Insurance reveal that less than half of us use our garage for its intended purpose – to store a car. What’s more, a third of us admit to using the garage to store extra clutter.

There’s no better time to go Marie Kondo on that junk and make use of this extra space. Further analysis revealed that a garage conversion could increase your home’s value by up to £45,000! If you’re stuck for ideas, try these home-enhancing tips to make the most of that garage space.

Enjoy your own home cinema

Contrary to popular belief, a home cinema doesn’t need to be as vast as the real thing. A garage space is ample for a larger screen, immersive sound systems and comfortable seating. We’ve worked with areas as small as 5m x 3.5m to create that cosy cinema experience, without compromising entertainment value.


You don’t need to use an entire wall for your screen. In fact, there are many versatile alternatives, some of which can offer multiple uses for more of a ‘media room’ effect – ideal for group sports game viewings, for example.


A modern 4K projector is a great place to start, which takes lower resolution images and projects them in crisp, high definition. Similarly, if you’re short on space for an all-round speaker system, alternatives such as the LG Display 8K OLEV TV also come with their own built-in industry standard audio.


When it comes to seating, we’ll work with you and our trusted designers to recreate that immersive, relaxing experience. By using an exterior space, you can transport your guests into another world simply by walking through a door – a hidden gem that will delight all who see it.


Switch off in your ‘femme den’ or ‘man cave’

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full box office, try your own personal space instead. Your ‘femme den’ or ‘man cave’ can be a place of quiet reflection, productivity, or pure entertainment.


Be sure to make the space work in rhythm with you by making the most of automation. If your garage is blessed with windows and natural light, consider installing automated blinds, which can be programmed to open in line with the sunrise. Imagine a Sunday morning coffee with a warm welcome from a fully automated home space – waking you up naturally with gentle sunlight.


You can customise your garage space to certain ‘modes’, which also apply to lighting. Add a ‘morning’, ‘breakfast’, ‘evening’ or ‘night-time’ mode to gently light up or warm down the room. You can also customise music and smart TVs to welcome you – all at the touch of a button.

Ditch the gym and work out at home

Home gyms offer a huge number of cost-saving benefits, from better equipment shelf life to no membership fees. A home gym is the perfect way to make use of that extra space. It’s already equipped with power, and it won’t encroach on your personal space in the home that should be for relaxing.


Make the most of your area using a 360° speaker system. Studies show that music can help you to:

  • Power through when you’re struggling
  • Pace your workouts better
  • Boost your mood.


It’s not just about audio, either. Lighting can also enhance your workout, for example, using the ‘dancefloor effect’ to supercharge your cardio. Just like music, the right lighting can also improve our mood, making for a better workout.


And relax

Looking for somewhere far from all those stimulants? Your garage conversion could be a simple relaxation room. At SONA, we specialise in hidden technology such as speakers, which can be tucked away for gentle background ambience.


Whether it’s reading, practising yoga or meditating, you should choose a colour scheme that promotes relaxation. Shades of light blue or jade green remind us of nature, calm the eyes, and create a feeling of serenity.


Try to make use of natural light with as few touchpoints as possible. Programme your blinds to open and close in time with your circadian rhythms – perfect for a morning yoga routine or a night-time wind-down.


Looking for inspiration?

For more tips on how to make the most of your garage space, speak to the SONA team today. We’ll project manage from start to finish to turn your dream into a reality.