Reconnecting With Your Garden During Lockdown

April 16, 2020

As spring finally makes an appearance, the prospect of staying indoors is pretty unappealing. At SONA, our love of luxury home technology goes beyond your four walls – you can also play with lighting, sound and networking for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Need a little sunshine that respects the government guidelines? We’ve compiled a list of tips on how to get the best out of your garden during lockdown.

Practise mindfulness

If there’s one thing that lockdown has taught us, it’s that we should appreciate the present moment. We can’t fixate on how things used to be and we don’t know what the future will bring. This gives us a great opportunity to practise mindfulness – the ancient art of simply being in the present and accepting your surroundings.

We can practise mindfulness through meditation. Some of us prefer to do it inside without external distractions. Others see these distractions as a plus. Take a yoga mat or even an old towel out into your garden and make yourself comfortable. You could be sitting or lying down, but close your eyes and take note of your breathing. Note everything in your surroundings – the sound of the birds, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the smell of freshly cut grass.

According to Harvard Health, meditating outside is better for us as the sun exposure (in moderation) gives us a dose of vitamin D. The fresh air has been proven to lower our blood pressure and reduce anxiety – something which is pretty abundant at this time.

Go al fresco

This is no time to invite all your friends around for a barbecue. But those of you living in the same household could get experimental with cooking. Perhaps you’ve got a chimenea – ideal for cooking baked potatoes. Alternatively, a gas or even disposable barbecue is your chance to be creative. 

Forget the traditional burgers and sausages. Spice it up with seafood, or add your desserts to the barbie. A naughty potassium boost comes from slicing a thin incision into a skin-on banana and inserting broken pieces of chocolate. Wrap it up in foil and cook on the barbecue until it’s soft. It makes for a cheeky five-a-day pudding!

Have your own summer concert

In lieu of those sun-kissed festivals, a simple outdoor stereo system can bring your garden to life. Listening to music outdoors goes back to the Ancient Greeks – but today, we can be a little cleverer with the acoustics. For example, did you know that temperature and weather affect how the sound carries? Cooler evenings amplify sound, so always be respectful of your neighbours as you crank out the tunes. 

Take your workout out!

If you’ve not got round to building that home gym, you might be sick of knocking over the lamp every time you work out. The garden provides a much vaster, open space with far fewer obstacles. Grass is a great foundation for a truly beneficial yoga practice, for example. Instructors tell us to “feel the earth” during those downward dogs, so you’ll feel the benefits as the blades tickle your toes.

Workouts don’t have to be a chore either – it may be time to dust off the old swingball or badminton sets. Keep a fitness device on you and you’ll be surprised how many calories you can rack up! This is also a great way to get kids off the screens and out in the fresh air.

Finish that ‘man cave’ or ‘femme den’

You might recall our piece on the iconic femme den – the female equivalent of a man cave. Of the numerous contributors we spoke to, many of them cited their garden shed as their private space of work or relaxation. Ask the SONA team about extending your internet connection out into the shed. Turn it into an office, a music/TV zone or a reading room. Whenever you need a break, you can step right outdoors into the sun. That certainly beats the office, doesn’t it?

Ask us if you need help

The beauty of getting out in the garden is that we don’t rely on technology to entertain us. However, it doubtless enhances the experience, so if you need any tips on taking your garden to the next level, give us a call.