Outdoor Speakers: Immersive Sound From Out of the Blue

August 10, 2020

The one piece of home tech you’ll wonder how you ever lived without…

When we think of home technology, we tend to picture remotely operated televisions, blinds, curtains and lighting. What we often overlook is the garden, and the essential role it plays in making a house a home.

Ideal for relaxation and entertaining, the garden offers us natural light, stunning scenery and an airy space. With a little enhancement from technology, we can take this even further.

Enter: the outdoor speaker

Nobody wants to drag long cables outside or risk tinny sound from a portable speaker. For a truly crisp, industry quality sound, an outdoor speaker is ideal.


These weatherproof devices are small and non-intrusive, ideal for positioning among your garden’s features such as in flower arrangements or on fencing. Take the Sonance Patio Series, for example. This 4.1 speaker system features four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer.


The power comes from within thanks to a single DSP (digital signal processing) amplifier. This technology helps to create a cleaner sound than analogue processing as it reduces noise and distortion, and increases the sound’s dynamic range.


How do outdoor speakers withstand the elements?

First and foremost, sound quality is uncompromised thanks to the DSP, which has a noise-cancelling function that can overpower natural outdoor sounds, like a passing breeze.


Second, the speakers are made from non-corroding material, providing rain protection, while high-heat ABS enclosures can withstand hot summer temperatures.


All-round surround sound

With subtle permanent fixtures, you can create a 360° sound experience that doesn’t overpower the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. The Garden Series, for example, features speakers with built-in stakes ready to insert into the ground.


With a wireless connection range of up to 30 feet, outdoor speakers can be positioned high and low to create a concert experience in the comfort of your own home. With an added sound layer, there are countless ways you can enhance your outdoor atmosphere:


Make it personal

Whether you want a wall-mounted speaker or a subtle addition to the flowerbed, you can create your own outdoor speaker set to suit your design tastes. Choose from a range of colours to match paint or brickwork, and pick accessories to help you position them exactly where you want.


There’s no need to worry about tricky controls, either. Total customisability is available with a simple hand-held control, which can be used to control multiple pairs of speakers at once. You can experiment with up to 12 different settings, and silence individual speakers as you see fit.


Want to pump it up? If you’re lucky enough to have a large outdoor entertainment space, you can turn it up with amplifiers. Modern models are up to 68 per cent smaller than previous ones, giving you that electric festival feel without taking up space.


Ask us for more tips on finessing your outdoor areas

Is it time the garden needed a little TLC? Talk to SONA to discuss how to make the most of your living space. We’ll talk you through the best brands and how outdoor speakers can complement other features such as lighting.


Images provided by SONANCE.


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