Optimise Acoustics in Your Luxury Home

September 10, 2018



When it comes to designing the perfect optimal listening experience, sometimes design and functionality can clash, leaving the home-owner in a position of having to compromise.

Optimal Listening Experience

At SONA, we don’t do compromise. We work until we come up with beautiful AND functional, intuitive integrated systems that blend seamlessly with the interior design.

When you put on your music selection after spending a lot of money on your integrated home technology system, you want it to sound good. Really good.

Here are SONA’s top tips to achieving the optimal listening experience within your smart home.


Function: Designing an Optimal Listening Experience

When considering designing an optimal listening experience, think about what the room will be used for when it comes to selecting your speakers and deciding on a room design. Questions you might want to consider include:-

Will it be a party room? A room for relaxation? Maybe a room that will serve many purposes?

Do you like to listen to music whilst working at a table? Do you like to lie down and immerse yourself in the experience? Does music relax you whilst cooking? Would you prefer to listen to music whilst watching music videos?

All of these questions can help you to reach the perfect speaker selection and room layout for optimal listening.

Wall / Ceiling Mounted Vs Stand Alone Speaker

Whether it’s a wall or ceiling speaker, or standalone, you need to think about how the type of speaker might affect your listening experience.

Wall & Ceiling Speakers

Wall and ceiling speakers are subtle, and can be seamlessly integrated with your interior to be virtually invisible for those who don’t want to look at speakers.  However you need to think carefully about where these are going before wires being installed and holes being cut so they need to be part of your interior design plan from the get go.


Stand Alone Speakers

Standalone speakers whilst more obvious, are moveable (which can be beneficial) and they come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes to complement your room, and sometimes make a feature of.



A family with young children might want in-ceiling and wall speakers from a practical point of view – less things to knock over!  Were as the same family might wall and ceiling speakers in the formal dining room because they do not want stand-alone to detract attention from the feature dining table and lighting.  Stand alone speakers might be chosen for the games room as more of a feature, in the exact same house.  Each room serves a different purpose, and when it comes to speakers one size does not fit all.

Sometimes, certain types of speakers can work better for certain situations, people and rooms than others. A good home technology expert will help you to work through how you will use your home, in order to ensure you make the right selection.

Speaker Location

When it comes to surround sound, calibrating your system is a finely tuned operation!  Literally!

Speaker location can be dependent on the acoustics in the room, and placement of furniture is important to ensure the best listening experience.  However sometimes when planning a room that isn’t yet built, this element of detail can be overlooked when caught up in interior design mode.

It’s essential that you check your room for reflection points and treat them if needed.  A room with poor reflections will result in poor acoustic sound quality so this is something that needs to be looked at.

Will you have a hard floor, glass walls or ceilings, and will sound being absorbed or reflected off the these?  Where will the placement of furniture be?  What materials will be used?

All these questions need to be addressed before selecting the manufacturer, size and type of your speakers for the optimal listening experience.

Optimising Acoustics in the Room

Room Correction Technology

Did you know that over 50% of the sounds you hear come from the contribution of the room?!  The characteristics of your room can dramatically affect the sound that reaches your ears, but sometimes you don’t want to compromise on a room feature OR the sound quality! This is where room correction technology comes in to it.  How we love technology that means our clients don’t need to compromise!

A great new technology is Steinway Lingdorf’s Room Correction technology – RoomPerfect™- no matter whether you have glass walls, hard floors, you name it, this system can adapt the sound to your environment to combat echoes, reflections and absorption!  Genius.

Integrated and Intuitive Lighting

Don’t forget lighting in your room to enhance your optimal listening experience!  Something again, that can be overlooked.

Smart lighting solutions can be intuitively set with your surround sound to provide different lighting scenes for various music genres that adapt to rhythm changes to optimise the mood enhancing that music so often brings.

Controlling Your Music

How Would You Like To Control Your Music

What will be the easiest way for you to control your music?  Through your phone, an iPad, a control left in that particular room?  How do you want to use your system?  Who will be using your system?

Again, like with any smart home technology the idea is to make your life easier and more enjoyable with a reactive, intuitive, easy to use control that any new house-guest could pick up and use for the first time without needing a whole tutorial on how to select and play music.

Getting your home automation expert involved at the beginning stages of any project where the sound quality of a system are important, is a great way to avoid costly mistakes that can impact on aesthetics or functionality further down the line.

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