Movie Releases to Watch Out For: 2019

January 30, 2019

2019's Biggest Releases

The home cinema experience kicks it up a notch this year as cinephiles prepare for some of 2019’s biggest releases.

Once again, the comic book genre is very much a strong theme, following on from the monumental success of hits such as Black Panther, and the passing of Marvel founder Stan Lee. But that’s not all. King of the twist M. Night Shyamalan returns with the final chapter in the Eastrail 177 Trilogy, while more sequels and family favourites will all grace the big screen.

Sit back, relax, and get ready. Here are SONA’s top movie picks for your home cinema room in 2019.

Animal kingdom

There’ll be no shortage of family films in 2019, and animals are proving to be the biggest stars. Marking 25 years since the original Oscar-winning release, The Lion King, now re-imagined in CGI, will bring a whole new layer of reality to the Disney classic this July.

Pulling on the heartstrings just as much as The Lion King, if not more, A Dog’s Way Home is out now. This adorable tale shows how far a dog’s loyalty will go – even if she has to travel 400 miles to get home.

Families who prefer fantasy creatures will welcome the release of How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World in February. The third instalment in the HTTYD series, it’s sure to echo the original’s $500 million box office success.


‘Tis the season for a sequel

When a formula works, why wouldn’t directors want to bring out a sequel? In addition to family-friendly dragons, we’ve got a whole lot of sequels to look forward to this year.

Not so family-friendly is the grisly return of Pennywise the Clown, as IT: Chapter Two hits cinemas this September. Menacing Bill Skarsgård reprises his role as the clown who haunts our dreams, while Hollywood royalty James McAvoy joins the now adult cast.

It’s been seven years since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones graced our screens once again for Men in Black III. Now, for June 2019, Chris Hemsworth takes centre stage in Men in Black: International. He’s joined by other A-listers including Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson, so we’re expecting great things.

It’s also been nine years since the last Toy Story, but there’s another story for Woody to tell this June. This time, he’s helped along by a new toy, Forky.

Comic book heroes: unite

The notable lack in comedy for 2019 doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. What we have instead is possibly the biggest serving of superhero-themed box office releases we’ve ever seen.

Starting with M. Night Shyamalan’s “real-life” view on comic book culture, we have Glass, which is out now. Following in the footsteps of 2000’s Unbreakable and 2016’s Split, Glass completes the trilogy which is centred around one fateful train crash. Night Shyamalan’s hero and villain characters, masterfully portrayed by Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and James McAvoy, all come together in a psychiatric hospital. Chaos and epic twists will likely ensue.

Speaking of chaos, Avengers: Endgame will be the fourth and final chapter of the phenomenal Avengers series in April, this time with the team reuniting to defeat Thanos once and for all. More Marvel heroes return with the release of Spider-Man: Far from Home in July, while the eponymous Captain Marvel marks the dawning of a new age for the genre as Marvel’s first female-led superhero film.

Of course, DC Comics were already doing this with Wonder Woman, and this October, the creators of Batman are back with Joker. Played by Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix, Joker looks back at the life of a failed comedian turned psychopath.

Something quieter

If you’re worried about the walls cracking in your home cinema from all the action scenes, there are some lighter releases for 2019 too. Period drama fans will be delighted to see the Downton Abbey movie coming to cinemas in September, while the Elton John biopic, Rocketman, will see Bodyguard lead Richard Madden starring alongside Taron Egerton, who plays the Pinball Wizard himself.

There are also plenty of family remakes to be enjoyed this year alongside The Lion King, including Dumbo and Aladdin, while Star Wars fanatics are gearing up for the finale, Episode IX, coming to cinemas this Christmas.

With so much earth-shattering entertainment set to land in Hollywood this year, there’s no better place to enjoy it than in your own home cinema room. Contact the SONA team today to get your own taste of this immersive experience.