Mood Lighting: The Health Benefits to Lighting Up Your Luxury Home

April 15, 2019

It is often mentioned about the psychology of colour when choosing an interior design scheme or an item of clothing, but what about mood lighting?

In our industry we use mood lighting to help to relax, uplift or revive our clients - not just to help them see what they are doing! We often use lighting scenes that include colours to help our clients feel the desired state in that moment. Read on to find out how you can use colour and mood lighting to enhance your life at home through lighting....

Living Life in Full Colour

Did you know that the colour of lighting can have a huge impact on the way it is received and therefore effects it has on the body?  Read more about how lighting can improve your mood here.

The lighting industry these days are really starting to understand those effects and how coloured lighting can help people all over the world, live more optimally.   So forget plain old bulbs or ‘on and off’ function in your luxury home.  There’s a world of colour to explore!


Yellow is a warming colour, which reminds us of warmth and cosiness – ideal for the evening to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Yellow is a fatiguing colour for the eye because of the high amount of light that is reflected.


Struggling with sleep? Interestingly, red wavelengths of light are apparently the most conducive to sleep so try a red light whilst your reading before bed.  Red light aids melatonin production which is a hormone that makes you drowsy.  However some people can find the colour too eerie or domineering – it’s not for everyone.


Orange says ‘welcome’ and creates a friendly atmosphere. Some say that it’s the perfect lighting to welcome a newborn baby to their new home. Orange is said to be associated with increased oxygen to the brain and better mental activity so is well used at the start of the day before an important meeting or exam.  Using orange LED lighting commands attention and creates energy without the overwhelming feelings associated with red. This is a good choice when you want to make people welcome in your home.


Blue carries associations with calmness, serenity and certainty.  When used, blue lighting interestingly has a very special effect on the body in a number of ways because the human eye is very sensitive to blue light.  The photoreceptors in the eye can find blue light during the day very helpful – especially during early morning and afternoon.  This can help to reduce daytime drowsiness, boost reaction times and increase attention span.  30 minutes is said to be enough in the morning to improve performance and reaction times.  Blue light is ideal to use when you travel a lot and may be suffering from jet lag – try a shot of blue light with your morning coffee instead!  Light blues are relaxing, while bright blue can be refreshing.

It is also said that blue LEDs can also assist blood flow as the skin is quite sensitive to this colour, so the ultimate effect of this is the removal of pain and promotion of healing within the body.


Purple or violet light has been found to kill superbugs like MRSA and Cdifficile according to researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland

Purple is also associated with a bit of mystery and magic as it’s not a colour often seen in nature’s palette.  generates feelings of wisdom, inspiration, and magic. Purple lighting can be quite moody, spiritual or enchanting so it’s great to accentuate water features in your home, especially leisure suites with swimming pools.


Green is a colour very much associated with nature, and has a calming effect on the senses.  Green is quite a balancing colour and gives a stabilising effect.  It can also represent growth and new beginnings.  Green lighting is great for soothing and healing and promotes a calm atmosphere is also a calming colour.  Green lighting was introduced into operating rooms in 1914 by Dr. Harry Sherman who found that it reduced glare and complemented haemoglobin red, the colour of blood, to create a more visible environment for surgeons.  For example, tropical green lighting can be particularly invigorating during a morning shower, when used in conjunction with scents like lemongrass, bergamont or grapefruit.  Green lighting is associated with enhanced concentration and learning but also hope, soothing and healing.  It’s ideal for learning or working environments.


Pink lighting is a playful and feminine colour and can add freshness, energy and glamour to any room.  However, it’s a bold choice and not one for everyone so be careful where you use it when it comes to mood lighting.  It can feel a bit too…. well pink!

If you are looking for inspiration with your lighting design for your luxury home, and want to ensure you enhance the features of your home, whilst also optimising your family’s well-being, contact us for a chat today.