Making Light Work for You in Your Smart Home

February 24, 2021

One of the joys of living in Britain is the sheer unpredictability of our weather – four seasons in one day is quite normal. With such sporadic patterns, it can be difficult to plan interior design to get the best from the light available to us. So, how can a smart home help you make the most of your lighting?

Working to your timetable

The first thing to remember when manipulating light in your home is that it shouldn’t be static. Follow the patterns of natural sunrise and sunset to make the most of your space. Thanks to smart technology, you can customise the amount of light in your home based on daylight rhythms.

Take automated blinds, for example. To ease you into a natural wake cycle without a loud alarm clock, blinds can be customised to open slowly in time with the rising sun. Do this in reverse to help you wind down at the end of the day and relax.

Changing the vibe

Our homes are so much more than just living spaces now. They’re our offices, our gyms, our social clubs – so the environment should reflect that. You can use artificial indoor lighting to reflect your mood or activity. For example:

  • Brighter, full-light settings encourage productivity during the day
  • Mood lighting sets the scene for entertaining
  • Coloured lighting is ideal for home cinemas or home gyms
  • Toned down, dimmed lighting helps prepare the body for night-time relaxation.


You don’t need a degree in rocket science to work these systems either. Smart home lighting can be controlled completely remotely or at the source. Use an intuitive keypad next to the room you want to control, or use a handheld mobile device. These come as standalone remote controls or on an app, perfect for use with an iPad.

All these functions are available at the touch of a button. Turn up, down or change the colour – however you’re feeling.

Keeping your home secure

Home lighting does more than serve an aesthetic purpose. It’s also ideal for security – for example, controlling lights remotely when you’re on holiday to make it look as though the house is occupied. You can also program motorised blinds and curtains to shut, ensuring your valuables are not on show.

You can even prevent damage from natural light. Keep your interior décor looking its best with automated curtains – there’s nothing worse than faded upholstery, so use automation to your advantage!

Sort your light by function

Certain rooms will require a specific type of lighting – for example, food preparation in the kitchen. It’s best to talk with your home technology installer about positioning lights to your advantage. You can use pendant or adjustable lights to help you focus on chopping and slicing, and pouring those all-important guest drinks.

Of course, we cannot forget the outdoors. Exterior lights can give your garden and water features the attention they deserve, or simply serve to balance the mood for outdoor entertaining.

They don’t need to be imposing, either – in fact, many are deceptively effective for their small size. You can hide them in flowerbeds, among garden furniture, mounted on the house or wherever you like! For that perfect ‘biophilic’ look, you should be able to transition from an outdoor space into that natural light feeling within the home.

The perfect smart home lighting system can help you achieve this. Our lighting experts are totally brand agnostic, so we’ll recommend a solution that meets your requirements.

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