Luxury Home Theater – The Fastest Growing Home Tech Trend

October 31, 2019

Home Cinemas – The Fastest Growing Staple of Any Modern Home

From better streaming to a demand for high quality, we are undergoing a meteoric rise in luxury home theatre systems. In a 2018 study by the Global Home Theatre Market, it was predicted that private cinema installations and theatre trends would increase by 8 per cent year on year. This isn’t necessarily at the expense of the UK box office. Industry figures have almost doubled since 2003, suggesting our ongoing appetite for high-quality entertainment. So what exactly is the appeal of the luxury home cinema?

Homes are getting smarter

The so-called “smart home” is no longer a novelty – it’s becoming the norm. Today, more than 15 million UK homes are smart homes, with consumers favouring smart technology for film and music. The Global Home Theater Market study cites smart homes as one of the biggest incentives for luxury home theater, with users preferring their own autonomy for viewing.

Added home value

Just like any smart home technology, such as automated blinds, home theatres can help to increase your home’s value. Property experts Tepilo cite better access to quality programming as a great reason to install a modern home cinema. Whether you’re in it for your own enjoyment, or attracting new buyers, there’s every reason to transform your home.

A bespoke solution

Ask any marketer for the latest industry trends and they’ll tell you about personalisation. This is no different for luxury home theatres – users want to put their own stamp on their home technology and create a personalised entertainment experience. At SONA, we provide bespoke fittings for all home cinemas, incorporating space and lighting, as well as compatibility with other home tech such as blinds and curtains.

Check out our award winning luxury cinema in this home in Cheshire

Immersive Viewing

Spoilt for choice

We now have more access to online streaming services than ever before. As the UK begins to embrace superfast broadband, we have virtually zero waiting time to view our favourite content.

Said content is reinventing itself all the time and accommodating our own tastes and budgets. Mainstream platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix dominate the market, giving consumers a cost-effective subscription. Newer platforms such as Disney+ have exploded in the last 12 months, with 74 million subscribers worldwide, that’s grown from 26 million at the start of 2020.

A better viewing experience

Choose a programme in streaming services such as the aforementioned Netflix, and you might notice a “4K Ultra HD” notice. Home theatre viewing is offering picture quality like never before. Quite simply, Ultra HD, or Cinema 4K, refers to content that has been filmed with cinemas in mind. Images are available at 3,840 by 2,160 pixels – rather than the standard 1,920 by 1,080 with traditional HD.

As viewers get a cinema experience without ever leaving the house, we’re predicting an even bigger rise in home cinemas for the future.

Record-breaking home entertainment

There’s no doubting it – we are in the golden age of television. Higher production budgets, better technology and the ongoing talents of some of the world’s best writers have seen box office records smashed time and again. Seven out of 10 of the highest grossing movies of all time were made in 2015 and beyond, including Marvel hits such as Black Panther and Avengers Endgame.

It’s not just movies, either: the final series of Game of Thrones had some of the largest viewing figures of all time, while drama Chernobyl beat this for HBO records. We are a nation of boxset lovers, and modern luxury home entertainment systems are the best way to indulge this hobby.

So, how much does a home cinema installation cost? Well, you can begin your bespoke cinema experience now and this can start from as little as £30,000. Contact the SONA team today for your bespoke quote.