Is a home cinema worth the money?

June 16, 2021

With studios back in full swing and, dare we say it, a potential release of the long-awaited James Bond film, viewers are itching to feast their eyes on the latest content. One way to take in this fresh wave of content is a home cinema, but is a home cinema really worth it?

We’ve all been hooked on series such as Line of Duty as we emerge out of lockdown, so why shouldn’t we have the best viewing experience?

In January 2021, Hidden Wires magazine remarked that home cinemas were a “key market” at this time. This is set to explode even more with the upcoming Euros Championship, so what is it that makes home cinemas so appealing?

Saving on cinema prices

Naturally, a home cinema is a considerable initial investment – but is it saving us money on inflation? Currently, the average cinema ticket price is £7.11, while many top brands such as Cineworld are charging upwards of £14 for one ticket.

That may not sound like a lot in isolation, but take your average cinephile – even one visit per month could equate to £168 per year.

Let’s compare that with something like a streaming service:

  • 12 cinema visits per year for one person = £168 per person
  • One Netflix account for five people = £9.99 per month or £2 per person.
  • 12 movie views over one year on Netflix = £24.
  • Difference = £142 per year.

That’s not even accounting for the transport, the parking, or those astronomical snack prices – plus, you can’t get up and walk around as you please.

Faster access to the latest releases

It seems almost laughable that, in 2021, we still have to wait six months for a DVD release after a movie has debuted at the cinema. Certainly, traditional DVDs have a whole host of extras and ‘Easter eggs’ to choose from – but are they worth the wait?

Agreements with modern streaming services often mean the latest blockbusters can premiere on the same day – or better still, some titles are even made directly for that streaming service. You get the full cinema experience at home without the wait.

More from your screen

With home cinemas, not only do you have access to the loudest action scenes or the tensest drama – you also have sport, TV and even gaming! You may be deciding whether you want a strict home cinema or a media room, but there’s no reason why you can’t do both.

Imagine your favourite video game characters plastered from wall to ceiling, or watching your team get promoted in cinematic visual mastery. Home cinemas integrate with a range of devices, giving you free rein over your media.

You can sell for higher!

In our ever-more unpredictable housing market, we’re always looking for ways to push the value up on our house, should the time come when we want to move on. Beyond a garden or new kitchen, a home cinema can also add tremendous value to your home.

On average, you can expect to see a return of around 65% of the original cost of your home cinema – so let’s say £6,500 on your house value for a £10,000 investment. You can reap the benefits while you’re there, and then push the price up in the future. Plus, the home cinema could be the ‘dealbreaker’ on a buyer choosing your home over somebody else’s – or a bargaining tool!

See the value in a home cinema with SONA today

So back to the question at hand, is a home cinema worth it? Whether you’re watching fast and furious action films or just tuning into Peppa Pig, a home cinema is a worthy investment. Talk to the SONA team today to start project managing your next big home development.