How to take advantage of outdoor automation

August 2, 2021

Barbecue season is upon us, and millions will be heading outside to make the most of summer. Using home automation outdoors can turn your space into the garden everybody will want to visit. Whether you’re looking to keep the tunes playing outside, make life easier using automation, or get some visual entertainment going, we have the suggestion for you.

Outdoor speakers

First, let’s look at one of the key aspects of outdoor parties: music. It’s a common problem for music quality to degrade when the action is taken outside. Maybe you’re straining to hear music playing inside the house and can barely make out the lyrics, or perhaps you’re trying to get the best out of small speakers placed in the middle of your garden table.

Luckily, outdoor speaker systems are here to help. They can be strategically placed around your property to cover your space with perfect sound. Your system will provide crisp audio, with consistent volume levels over your outdoor area. It’s even possible to have the speakers hidden away from view without diminishing the sound quality. The only thing left to do is dance the night away.

Watch the big match

One constant battle with the British summer is the threat of rain. Technology and rain don’t mix very well traditionally, however, waterproof screens mean that poor weather will never stop play at your house.

Connect a waterproof screen to your home entertainment system and get your friends over to watch the big match outdoors. These screens can display any input you get inside your home and are completely protected from the elements. Build your screen into an existing structure in your garden or get expert advice on how to integrate it easily into your current setup.

Automate the small things

It’s not just entertainment that can benefit from outdoor automation. You can also make life much simpler by treating some of the smaller details to an upgrade. For example, consider linking your outdoor lighting to your home automation setup. By doing this, your outdoor lighting can wow visitors as much as your indoor setup.

Alternatively, you can separate your outdoor lighting and use it to maximise your property. For example, a moody lighting scheme once the sun goes down can create a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for parties. You can also use automation outdoors to add the finishing touches to your party. These can be practical as well as fun. Automate access to your outdoor space using motorised doors, a big help when you’re carrying food to the barbecue.

If you’re looking for something that is just plain fun, then look no further than automated dancing water fountains. These can be installed and connected to your home entertainment system, providing shooting jets of water to match the music on your outdoor speakers. You can even shade your fountains using colour LEDs. It’s hard to argue that dancing water fountains are a practical addition to your garden, but nothing could be more attention-grabbing.

Keep an eye out

If you are looking for practical outdoor automation, then a fully integrated CCTV setup can be a good choice. Keep an eye on the kids as they play outdoors or check on any camera from any screen in your home; CCTV is perfect for those looking for that extra peace of mind at home.

Let’s get outside

Using home automation outdoors can increase security, efficiency, and fun. With your automated system taking care of the hard work, all that’ll be left for you to do is entertain. Speak to the team at SONA today about how we can get your outdoor space ready for summer.