How to Make Your Perfect Night In With a Smart Home

December 14, 2020

With long nights and ongoing restrictions, there’s no better time to make the most of the media room. Whether it’s a custom-made home cinema or a versatile media room, you can make your entertainment space your own with a wealth of accessories.

More media than ever before

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to media streaming services – and thankfully, there are no limits when it comes to home cinemas. Some services are even built specifically for home cinema-sized screens.

For example, Kaleidescape specialises in showing media that has been remastered for larger, higher definition screens. You can catch old classics like Jaws and watch them just like you did back in the cinema. Alternatively, catch all your boxsets on Netflix and Amazon Prime, or tune in to kids’ favourites on Disney Plus.

Make it captivating with a home cinema projector

Ideal for media rooms, a projector is the perfect alternative if you’ve not got the space for a floor to ceiling screen. This is by no means a compromise on quality. In fact, modern-day projectors are able to achieve 4K imagery without technically being 4K.

They use technology known as ‘pixel shifting’ to effectively double the vertical and horizontal resolution of the image you see before you – ideal for larger viewing screens. When shopping for the best projectors, look for terms such as Epson 4K Enhancement or LG Display OK OLED TV.

Be part of the magic with the right sound

The best home cinema experiences make you feel as though you’re truly immersed in the scene. Whether that’s tense and brooding conversation or the faint sound of a distant battle cry in one corner, speaker systems can direct specific effects to enhance your viewing.

The best part of this is that speakers do not need to be intrusive. In fact, we can highly recommend the Sonance range, which have even featured in our award-winning integrated homes projects. These speakers can be installed in the walls and ceilings, or integrated into drywall, wallpaper and wood veneer.

You’ll need to consider the size of your room before you buy. If it’s a fully customised home cinema, then your speakers should be capable of reaching 105 dB each. If not, you can go for something smaller but no less effective – for example, the Soundbar, which offers a 360° sound experience.

Media room or home cinema?

Size matters when it comes to entertaining, so you need to consider if you’ll be using the room purely for viewing ‘cinematic releases’, or more sociable viewing such as sports games.

Pick the right screen size for your needs

If yours is solely a cinema screen, then you should go for a fixed screen. If not, you can be more versatile, for example with a motorised projector screen.

You’ll need to do a few sums for the optimum viewing experience! However large your screen, you’ll need to be 1.5 x the distance sat away from it. So, if your screen is 2.5 metres (8 ft) wide, then you should be able to sit 3.75m or 12 feet away from the screen comfortably.

You’ll also need to know the right aspect ratios for the screen size. You can use this distance calculator to make sure your image is crisp, no matter what size your screen. This may also help you choose your settings when using the screen for the first time.

Remember – screen sizes are measured diagonally from corner to corner, so don’t get caught out by measuring wall space alone!

Contact us for more ideas

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