How to Enhance the Natural Light in Your Home

July 13, 2020

While there’s nothing more comforting than an integrated home with smart technology, sometimes we need to consider the natural elements, too. At SONA, we’re keen proponents of automated lighting, security and entertainment systems – but we also know how to incorporate natural light.

The best home features a mixture of both, using innovative technology to complement the rise and fall of the sun. So, why should you enhance the natural light in the home?

The benefits of natural light

For a welcoming, bright and airy space, natural light is perfect. Large windows or glass doors let natural light pour in, making a room look instantly larger.


Looking for better productivity? Let the sun in – the sunshine encourages vitamin D production, as well as ‘happy hormone’ serotonin. This will help you feel more motivated to work. What’s more, sunshine will help houseplants thrive – which have been proven to increase productivity by 15 per cent.


Finally, natural light helps us to balance out our sleep cycles. We wake up and fall asleep based on what’s known as a ‘circadian rhythm’. Our bodies determine this based on the light around us, so when the natural light comes in, we’ll feel more inclined to wake up and be productive.


Using technology to enhance natural light

While windows and glass doors are a great place to start, you can also use smart home technology to encourage natural light in the home. Upgrade your property with year-round sunshine thanks to these enhancements.


Automated sliding doors

Blend the living or kitchen area with the garden to create a sprawling, natural space. With automated sliding doors, you can add wall to ceiling frames that subtly integrate with no unsightly motors. Open them manually when you have guests coming over, or program them to activate at particular times of the day.


For best results, create your own ‘morning’ setting. Set your automatic doors to glide open slowly as you make your way down into the kitchen during sunrise. The sunshine will pour in, and you can get ready for the day as other automated technologies like smart TVs spring to life.


Automated blinds and curtains

These modern-day essentials really are the best way to guarantee the perfect night’s sleep. Just like your ‘kitchen’ settings, you can customise your blinds or curtains to gently open at specific times of the day. Change them in line with the seasons to make sure you wake as the sun rises.


You’ll be able to get off to sleep easier thanks to the gradual winding down of outdoor light, plus there are no harsh alarm clocks or bright lights. Wake up feeling refreshed as the blinds gently let in the sun.


CoeLux® artificial skylights

Does your home have few windows, or are there area which are darker than others? Step into the future with a CoeLux® skylight. While not strictly speaking natural light, the CoeLux® system mimics the summer sky by projecting an image of sun and clouds right into the room.

The result is a larger-looking living space, plus the organic benefits of a sunny setting whatever the weather. As sunshine has been proven to have a positive effect on our mental health, an artificial skylight could just be the boost you need for harsh winter days.


Want to see the CoeLux® in action? Check out our award-winning case studies.

Let there be light!

Of course, natural light is just one facet of many that makes up a relaxing, inviting and entertaining modern home. When paired with human-centric technology, such as automated speakers, home cinemas and cutting-edge WiFi, it turns a house into a home.


For more inspiration on natural light and smart home technology, speak to the SONA team today.