How Do I Control My Smart Home?

November 16, 2020

Home cinema systems, automated blinds and music to suit your mood might all sound a little overwhelming. How can we control such complex functions from anywhere in the home?

As part of every SONA home integration package, we include a full handover and walkthrough on how to use the technology. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of wires and getting lost in instructions. Today, full autonomy over your home comes from a handheld device – an ‘extra limb’ that’s become an essential tool in our everyday lives.

Mobile apps

Want to control your home? There’s an app for that… In an age where there is more or less a mobile app for everything, it should come as no surprise that you can control your smart tech with your mobile device.

At SONA, we’re brand agnostic, so we’ll only recommend a piece of technology that suits your requirements. Many manufacturers offer their products with a compatible mobile app, for example:

  • Danalock Bluetooth Z-lock offers an IoT based home security system
  • Sonos Controller allows you to play music anywhere, from anywhere
  • Philips Hue offers lighting automation options.

Mobile apps essentially take the guesswork out of using your tech – as long as both are connected to the internet, then you’re good to go. Many apps come with tutorials and intuitive interfaces, though there’s nothing quite like having the SONA team explore it for you.


When a smartphone just doesn’t cut the mustard, upgrade to a tablet control instead. Working with the same principles as a mobile app, a tablet allows a more user-friendly, larger screen. It’s ideal for positioning in a stand and using as a control panel – for example, to turn on your kitchen lighting and heating settings in the morning, or to play music.

However, iPads are also mobile if you need them to be, giving you the best of high visibility and the simplicity of custom-made apps.

Remote controls

Feel like your device is just for calls and games? Not a problem. If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with apps, many Smart Home technologies come with their own standard remote controls. You can use these to customise your settings, such as what time blinds should open and shut, or when to secure alarms.


For a truly bespoke control system, you can make use of static keypads around the house. While they’re not mobile like the abovementioned devices, they can be designed specifically for your needs. For example, you could create your own ‘kitchen’ setting – combining lighting, music and blinds together at once. Create your own customised set of functions to suit your mood and create the exact scene you want to capture.


At SONA we offer a level of aftercare above the industry standard. Lifetime updates, annual health checks and remote monitoring are just some of the benefits of the SONA guarantee. You can read all about the importance of aftercare here.

A whole new environment at your fingertips

So, you know how to use it, but do you know what Smart Home technology can do? An integrated home can help to create that ideal setting thanks to:

  • Automated blinds to wake up naturally in line with sunlight, promoting natural sleep and wake ‘circadian’ rhythms
  • Customised lighting to change the ambience in different rooms, indoors and outdoors
  • Hidden speakers for entertainment and relaxation
  • Home cinemas for an industry standard viewing experience
  • Superior networking
  • Top level security with CCTV, biometrics and more.

A better standard of living doesn’t need to have a degree in rocket science. At SONA, we will project manage the whole integration with appropriate device guidance and aftercare. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next home enhancement.