How automation can fuel your workout

March 8, 2021

One of the benefits of spending more time at home is that many of us have been able to start a fitness or wellness routine. Whether we’ve taken up yoga to find some quiet time during the day or used our commute-time to get a workout done, many of us are using our homes like never before. There’s even a chance we may not go back to old routines.

The new normal?

A recent survey revealed that around 50 per cent of gym-goers are now looking to cancel their membership in favour of working out at home. Thanks to a rapid increase in on-demand fitness content and wearable technology, the possibilities for home workouts have left users spoiled for choice. It’s no wonder that Apple provided home-gym-users with one of their most innovative products.

Launched in 2020, Apple Fitness Plus took home gyms to a new level with its smart capabilities. Users with Apple Watches are able to connect to their Apple TV during their workout and see their biometrics and stats in real-time, even while taking a class. Instead of aimlessly jogging around the living room, this has allowed users to have highly productive home workouts. The question is, could you be getting more from your home to help you reach your goals?

Making it work for you

To really get the most out of your workouts, you can integrate these devices with smart home functions. Some solutions that could transport you from home straight to the studio include:

  • Smart home lighting synced to your devices. Combine your on-demand workout with custom lighting which will match your routine and get you completely in the zone.
  • Home speaker systems to get the most out of class instructions and motivational music to keep you going.

These solutions will ensure you have the best environment for fantastic home workouts. However, they are not just good for getting a sweat on; we are also looking after our all-round wellness more than ever.

The whole package

Many of us have taken up yoga alongside a workout routine while staying at home. When practised regularly, yoga can increase our flexibility and allow quicker recovery after a strenuous workout. It also provides myriad mental health benefits, allowing us to relax and get away from work and the stresses of life. As with fitness workouts, smart home technology can also help elevate your yoga routine:

  • While following your yoga session on your Smart TV, you will be able to see just how relaxed you are with your live heart rate keeping you up to date. This could be enhanced with relaxing music through your speaker system.
  • You could also incorporate smart home lighting. Green is a colour that naturally relaxes us you can fully integrate your automated lighting system with your yoga routine, keeping your mind relaxed and focused. You could also choose to build yoga into your morning rituals, allowing light and curtain automation to align your practice with the rising sun.
  • Your sense of smell could be brought into your session with automated scents. Devices can be linked to your smart home setup, pumping relaxing aromas into your room to ensure all of your senses are fully relaxed.

This entire experience could be controlled from one device or iPad, simply at the touch of a button.

Wellness is the word

Looking after ourselves is more important now than ever, with a number of options to help you get the most from your personal care routine. Ask the SONA team today about how our smart home technology solutions can help to increase your wellness.