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A private home cinema is one of the ultimate sought after indulgences in luxury home living for 2019.

The reason being, that it is so rare these days that we allow ourselves the time to truly switch off.  There’s often nowhere that we can truly escape and immerse ourselves in an activity that allows us to turn off the outside world.

A SONA private home cinema is the ultimate home luxury and is one of the few places where you can escape to another reality and become completely immersed in the film, programme, sports event or game that you’re experiencing.


Unlike a Trip to the Movies

This is not like watching a movie at home.  It transcends watching a movie in a public cinema.

A SONA home cinema transports you to a luxurious, immersive and indulgent experience taking you to another place.  Especially if you start talking about anamorphic home cinemas – the absolute best when it comes to private home cinema.

Our well-travelled clients can not believe how their home cinema can bring such an unexpected new experience in to their life.

Your bespoke home cinema will thrill you with an entirely new aspect to films you may have previously watched time and time before.  This is a space used for total relaxation, involvement and immersion.

As The Creator Intended

You can stream a movie anywhere these days.  However you can’t experience the true original vision, and all of the sensations, the true way its Creator intended it to.  That is unless you have a SONA Private Home Cinema.

Whether you prefer solitude or sharing a film in the unique company and comfort of your loved ones, a SONA home cinema is the ultimate location for some serious time-out.  Switch off from the outside world and at the touch of one button, delve in to another.

No distractions, no clutter, no interruptions, just pure crisp clean interiors that always feel ‘brand new’ every time you enter your personal haven.

If you would like to find out what’s possible when it comes to a private home cinema in your home, call us +44 (0)1625 54 14 42 or contact us for a chat.

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"It's our favourite room in the house"

Mr & Mrs Bale

Last night we sat and watched Blue Planet 2 in the cinema room... Cheshire Housewives not on catch-up yet :-) - Fantastic experience... Even Charlie was glued to the screen!

Mr K Finnon, Cheshire
SONA home cinemas

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